Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi there

Ok, so I am a bit remiss in updating my blog. I know it, and I won't make any lame excuses, but I will say I have been a bit busy. In January I started doing beta testing for a new game on Facebook: Chronicles of Blood . . . a really wonderful game from Diviad, the creators of Ghost Trappers (another great Facebook game). Following months of beta-testing I was selected from the chosen few to be one of the moderators of CoB when it went public. What does a moderator do, you ask? Well, I have learned there is no easy answer to that, aside from to act as one of the "online Sheriff's possee" and to keep an eye on how players are treating each other. The multitude of ways people try to cheat the game itself and each other mystifies me. They can be very devious in their attempts, but the "mod-squad" tries to keep it all under control.

If you like monsters and vampires and all that entails, Chronicles of Blood may be right up your alley. I can't get enough of it myself. Check it out while you are visiting your Facebook page.