Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coughing fool

If the coughing doesn't end soon, I think I will go nuts. My night last night was interrupted by at least an hour of wakefulness due to the cat jumping in the middle of my stomach around 3 am. He wanted to go outside and decided his usual annoying MEOW!!!! wasn't really quite bad enough. He added middle of the night acrobatics to his usual repertoire. Needless to say after being a trampoline I was seriously awake. So of course once I got up and put him out I was subjected to several coughing fits which added even more to my wakefulness. I am not sure exactly how long I laid there wide awake, but it was a really long time. I am taking a conservative guess at 45 minutes. I was nearly at the point of going to get my book and reading, but figured I would never get to sleep if I did. Eventually I could feel myself relaxing and knew I would fall asleep. I slept until about 8:15 am and then had to kind of hurry to get ready to go to work, after getting dad up and readying him for the day.

The shop was busy today, and my friends from Salem were in to refresh their booth and decorate the front window with a new display. They always bring a gift for Cassie, this time a vintage coffee pot, due to her obsession with making coffee. Every bath she takes she makes coffee. I asked her once if she could make anything else to which she responded, after a lot of thought, Pizza. She has been obsessed with a watering can I have in my car. It is a gift from my friends from Salem for my friend Judy, who has her entire guest bathroom decorated with watering can things. Cassie wanted to know what it was, and I told her it was a watering can for my friend Judy. Cassie said, "Cassie like a water garden, Grandma." "Judy no need watering can." I said, but Cassie, this watering can is for Judy. Cass said, "I like a water." I said, "But you don't have a garden, Cassie." But she said, "I like a water, Grandma, no water for Judy." However the last time she got in the car she told Athena, "See Thena, this watering can, this can for Judy. Judy no like a water. Cassie like a water, Thena." I told Tess I might have to take Cassie with me to give Judy the watering can. I think Cassie will understand when she actually sees Judy.

One more day at work, then off to the doctor we go. Dad is nearly over his cough, and I am still coughing like mad. I am just hoping he is that far ahead of me in recovery and I will be better in a couple of days. I am tired from all the coughing, and really getting kind of sore in the ribs. Stupid cough!!!

Hoping for more news on the Tess front. She says it will come to a head by Tuesday at the latest. Either that or someone will go away for a very long time. Wait and see.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday blah

I should just say blah, blah, blah, but I won't. I talked with the PT dude today about dad's cough. He said I should call the doc and see what he thought. The doc's PA said I was right to suggest bringing him in, but it would keep until Monday unless he got worse. I think he is getting better, just didn't want to neglect his care if he needed it. The PA said everyone who has had this creeping crud has carried the cough around for a while (like my friend Maggie in California). He also said I could give him the Coricidin BP with expectorant which I was already giving him. At least it has helped him start coughing stuff up. Gross, I know, but really a relief.

Tess and I ran to the local coffee shop and chatted with a friend of hers for a couple of hours, then on to the pharmacy so I could pick up the cough stuff. We also bought some stuff for her girls. There is major drama on the horizon at her house. I will keep you posted when it is available for public consumption. Let me just say, "I can't wait!!!" and about damn time.

Wish my cough would go away, too, while I am wishing. It is really annoying, but at least it is pretty loose now. Gross, but loose.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow, where did the day go?

I can always tell when I have had a busy day like yesterday . . .
I have an invisible day like today.

I think the only thing I actually got accomplished was to run to the store with Tess, and feed dad and myself. We both napped away most of the afternoon, and I read a few pages in my book. Other than that, pretty much nothing at all. I think I did one load of laundry, but got absolutely nothing else done aside from bringing in the mail.

Tess's boss is wanting to carry a line of our low end earrings, so if any of you know of a source of really cheap abalone or MOP disks, either oval or round in about 10-15 mm in any assortment or single colors, please let me know. I have tried the usual sources like Fire Mtn. and ebay and etsy, but not happy with what I have found yet. Jeez, I thought this would be easy. Ha!!!

Here is the lovely little raccoon who thinks she is one of my children. She lives under the neighbor's house and dines with my cats.

Hope you are all surviving the lack of WC, and it was nice to see they are hoping to have it up by the end of the week. :D Yippee!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To the moon and back

Well, maybe not all the way to the moon, but I am tired enough to have flown there under my own power today.

First of all I had to prep dad for a day with me gone, all while showering, fixing breakfast, eating breakfast and making sure Michael the PT didn't see me naked running down the hall (there is no door on the bathroom anymore so dad's wheelchair can fit through. Once I got dressed, got dad set up in the living room, and escaped it was 9:30 am and I still had to go buy gas and get my meager paycheck, then drive the 10 miles to my cousins and pick him up. Of course we had several hours drive ahead of us to get him to his vision appt. in Vancouver, WA. I had planned on just dropping him off and being on my way so I could get through Portland before the rush hour traffic hit. We stopped in McMinnville and grabbed a quick burger at 11 (too early for lunch) and again in Tigard so I could make a bank deposit. Then on to Vancouver and his appt. I said, "I can just drop you off out front and you can catch a shuttle back to the VA in Portland, right?" and he said, can't you come to the appt. with me? What is a kind, loving cousin to do? I figured if I had to go in the least he would do was give me some gas money, right? No. Not only did I buy the burgers, but paid for the gas, too. I told him he could catch up with me on the gas later. (hint-hint) He said, okay. I know he has to give his brother gas when he picks him up on Friday. Needless to say we spent an hour or so at the appt., then another hour trying to straighten out his lodging. He had also been told he would recieve gas money for today's trip and Friday's as well. The travel office said, no just one gas money since he was staying in Portland. They don't care how many times anyone else has to drive up there to make sure he makes it back home. Irritating, but I guess I understand their reasoning. I just hope he gets his service connected disability like he should after all these trips and all the time away.

I finally got away from him at around 4:30 after fighting traffic to get him up to the VA in Portland. He didn't want me to leave him there, he wanted me to wait even longer and go to the billeting office and make sure where he needed to be for the night, then go home. I said, sorry, no. I was going to head home or I would never get there. I had things I had planned and places I really planned to go. I had a $10 off coupon I could only redeem this week for the bead store I went to last week, but didn't have time to go to since I didn't get to go when I had planned, so I gave the coupon away. I went to a different bead store and bought some more sale seed beads to make a couple of spiral weave bracelets or a necklace or something. I also picked up a few charms in a gold plate finish. Tess and I are going to make some earrings to sell in her boss's shop. They have to have a beach theme, but we are going to throw in a few flower and butterfly earrings so there will be a little more variety for folks who aren't looking for just beach stuff. I also went to Michael's and checked out their beading and jewelry supplies. I needed some cheaper plated earwires and such for the resale stuff, too. I nabbed a few things I figured might come in handy. They were having some pretty good sales. We'll see how it all comes together and we will probably make a trip to Newport and a couple of other bead stores tomorrow. Love making new projects, but hate the prep time spent trying to figure out what we need for them. It would have helped if I had seen the pictures of the lines her boss carries now, but at least I have them tonight.

I put off eating anything until after Michael's, so by the time I stopped at Pizza Hut, oh boy (she says sarcastically), I was way beyond hungry. Good thing their food isn't that great so I didn't overeat. I had their buffet. Their new pasta is pretty good. I also knew their buffet would be really quick to eat and I could get salad bar and at least eat partially healthy.

Jeez, I finally got home at 9:30 and dad was waiting up for me. It was a good thing, too. His urostomy appliance had sprung a leak sometime today and had leaked urine all over the place. I came through the front door to about 85 degree temperature and the reak of stinky old rotten smelling urine. Real nice welcome home, since I knew it meant at least another half hour or more before I would be able to sit down or rest to recover from the drive. So I got dad's bed all set up to change his appliance, ran around opening all the windows, and got him to his bedroom and stripped to change all his undies and outies and the appliance and collection bag. I told him I wished he knew when it happened, because not only does it smell icky, it is toxic to his skin. So I had to treat all the new loss of skin, and coat everything in a layer of "diaper ointment" for lack of a better word. He was just getting all healed up, and now we are back where we were.

Tomorrow I am going to the hospital supply in Newport and trade in some of his appliances for a smaller aperture. I don't know if it will help, but it might. And his skin around his stoma is really irritated looking. I sure hope I get a chance to sleep in the morning. If not I may just get him up and go back to bed. I think it will take a few days to recover from today. I hate being in pain like this, but there is nothing I can do about it. Barrie, I know you know what I am talking about. Like my mom said it is suck it up or go jump in the lake (or off a cliff). Guess I will suck it up, ignore the excruciating pain in my back and pray sleeping will calm it down some. Tomorrow will bring more bead stores, so how can it be a bad thing? LOL (Note to self: Rita, put on those big girl panties and move forward.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All's well that ends well

At least that is what I was always led to believe. I am going to accept it at face value and move on from here. I put together a great swiss steak dinner in the crockpot before I left for work this morning. When I went to work, I still had the scent of onions and browning meat in my head. It was a good incentive to get through the day. :) Not such a bad thing. And wowza was it delicious. And even better there are leftovers for tomorrow!!!

I had an interesting day, with lots of printing customers and work, and a few antique shop folks, too. I created a new "drink" menu for the Thai restaurant across the street from the shop, and made a couple of custom T-shirts for folks who came in. I did some laminating, and created a new form for us to use when people come in to place a specialty shirt order. I really enjoyed the day, mostly because I was so busy I didn't have any choice. One of my favorite families came in. They brought their teenage son in a month or so ago and bought him an electric guitar. He came in today and looked at the accoustic guitars. They left, and I thought that was the end of that story, but they came back a couple of hours later and bought him the guitar. I also finished pricing some earrings my boss bought from one of our locals who brings stuff in to sell to her. I know the family and they never seem to have money for much beyond living expenses and with the cost of gas now, little else. The lady has lupus, and is always needing medicine, or gas for her car, and hoping to find a way to get a few bucks. She has brought in stuff of her own, her mom's, and things she buys at garage sales. Sometimes she has great stuff, other times I can't even offer to buy it. This was one of the good times. There must have been at least a dozen pairs of earrings, a couple of clocks, a pocket watch, and some other stuff including some vintage textiles. All together it made it worth buying.

My other primary duty of the day was just meeting and greeting customers shopping in the antique mall. I had one customer who was obviously transgender. I have no problem with people's sexuality or identity, but I always worry I will somehow offend them by referring to them as male or female depending on how they are dressed. I tried to be tactful and just say I had a customer when talking to one of the vendors on the phone when I had to ask about a layaway. I must have pulled it off because Rachel (although obviously formerly Ralph) was very pleased with the results of the call, and smiling happily thanking me for helping her.

I hope tomorrow will be a restful day because I know Tuesday will be a day of driving my cousin to Vancouver, WA again. I am hoping my granddaughter Athena might like to go with me so I will have company on the way back home. I have to leave Nick there because he has appts. four days in a row!! Wow, it's a good thing they are putting him up in a motel. There is no way we could afford the gas to drive three hours one way four days in a row. Even with the mileage reimbursement there is the expense of meals out, and the hassle of making sure you have the time off from work. Of course I would also like to have money to stop at Michael's Craft store and pick up some more shrink art materials, and maybe do a drive by on at least one of the bead stores I like. :D Imagine that!!!

Well, all you other WC addicts out there, how are things. I miss you all so much!!! Can't believe we have been out of touch since Friday morning. I had just gotten ready to post in the WIA in wearable arts when I tried to refresh to make sure I hadn't cross-posted with Dawn, and bang . . . the site was down. I need my WetCanvas fix!!!! I sure hope it is back tomorrow!! I feel naked and lost without it! Eew, that makes a horrible picture!! I did find a website to turn myself into a South Park character. Don't I look adorable!?!


Some days are so perfect you just know they were specially made for you. Yesterday was not one of them. I was very nearly late to work because my dad needed help about 30 seconds before I was leaving to go to work, which put me behind by at least 5 minutes. The day at work was fine, busy, and somewhat painful. Any day I am on my feet most of the day takes a huge toll on my back. Then last night dad made at least four trips to the bathroom, which I have to help with between 8 and 10 pm. Needless to say (but I am saying it anyway) I was tired, sore, and cranky by the time I went to bed.

Add to yesterday, this morning. (Have I mentioned how much I hate mornings?) I was awakened from a deep sleep, on the one morning I try to sleep in, by an incessant beeping. Somehow dad had turned the alarm on his clock on AGAIN!!! It is such a high-pitched beep he can't hear it, but believe me it is irritating. It starts with a little slow beep, increasing in intensity and frequency the longer it beeps. I HATE IT!!! Oh well, I had to get up sometime, right?!!

Hoping for a "normal" Sunday at work. I will try to be in a better mood by the time I get customers. Oh, and dad is back in the bathroom again. Anyone who knows us knows what that means. I am not excited, but I am surviving.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still coughing, but outlook better

Well, another night of coughing coming from dad. He is finally starting to "break up." Or at least the chest congestion is. Even he said he is feeling better, so I am feeling much more optimistic, too.

Still having withdrawals from Wet Canvas. Can't believe it is going to take them until Monday OR LONGER to migrate to the new server. I guess they found some corrupted files in the old database, so who knows what fixing that will entail. I just know I want my wearable arts forum back. I miss my friends: Barrie, Pam, Maggie, Gwen, Andee, Claire, Fiona, Angela, Dawn, Liz, Carrie, Lisa, Debbie and the rest!! I miss seeing your awesome jewelry, but more than that I miss the daily connection with you all.

Lonely Rita in Oregon waving goodbye for today.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Colds, Coughs and Withdrawals

Well, the stupid cold is getting better, but the stupid cough is hanging on. Dad woke me up several times last night with the coughing. He said it was only fair since I had done the same to him. I guess he has a point there. I have been giving him an expectorant so he will cough some stuff up, at least it is nice to know it is working. He is definitely feeling better. I am at least holding my own. I know until my lungs get their capacity back I am about as good as I will get until the cough is totally gone, and based on the last cold I had with a cough, it will just take some time.

We are up and moving around. Hoping for the best. His bathing aid will be here around noon, so I am taking it easy now, will get busy later. Have to get my shower out of the way so the hot water can recover for his shower. I guess I will have to get moving pretty soon. Have to finish my infusion of caffeine first, though. If I don't the withdrawals from that include lethargia and a king-size headache. I don't plan on doing that any time soon, thank you very much.

The other type of withdrawal I was referring to in the title was missing my jewelry / wearable arts group. The server that hosts our website has been bogging down since there are so many users, and there are so many images, and older searchable forums with tons of information useful to old and new users alike. The site is being migrated this week, and of course it started in earnest last night right in the middle of me posting to the wearables forum. So the thread I was posting to was there when I started typing my response, and gone when I clicked on publish. Not very friendly do you think??!!! So I checked for the site again last night, and have checked this morning, too and it is still down!!! That is what the withdrawals comment meant. It is my home away from home, my group of friends, and my support group. We give each other a chance for free therapy, suggestions for improving our jewelry work, and the support we need when bad things happen to us. We also cheer each other on when great stuff happens. This is a group of people from all around the globe: Singapore; Canada; Washington; California; Oregon; Texas; Colorado; North Carolina; Florida; Pennsylvania; Connecticut; Great Britain; Germany; South Africa; Australia; New Zealand; well, you get the idea. I love the site, and I certainly miss it when it is down. Sometimes you take things like Wet Canvas for granted, but when it's not there you realize just how much it means to you. Whether you are looking for subject matter for a painting, or how to knit, some instruction on how to make a lampwork heart, or just a daily dose of show and tell in a variety of artistic subjects from pastels to silversmithing, you can find it on WC. If you are artistic you owe it to yourself and your craft to check it out. It might be down today, but it will bounce back once it gets done migrating bigger and better than ever. Faster, too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

VA, Teeth, Kids and more . . .

While I was off taking my cousin Nick to the VA, his brother Marty was taking Tess to the dentist. She finally had her tooth pulled, and is scheduled for another set of x-rays and another extraction in about a month. The dentist who was so mean to her last time was very kind and gentle and finally realized she wasn't a druggie, just someone who had bad teeth and little dental care for a long time. I think he also realizes she is trying to prevent the same problems in her girls. All in all yesterday was a very productive day, however with Tess being medicated for her dental appt. she wasn't very able to look after dad or even the girls, so Athena brought Cassie to visit dad and really wore him out. She even left Cassie with him and ran home to ask her mom how to make Cassie stop crying. Jeez, kids. Dad said he could go at least 3-4 days without seeing either of them. He was really tired by the time I got home. He had spent the entire day in his recliner and his butt hurt. So today he is starting out with a couple of hours in his wheelchair, after having walked to the living room. I will have him up several times today to keep from having his rear end get worse. I think his coughing is better today. I got him and expectorant and cough suppressant and he slept better and so did I. Of course I think we were both exhausted. His cough sounds like it is finally breaking up, too. So we may be better by the end of the week. (hoping)

Dad’s occupational therapist just called and is making a visit today at 1, so at least I have time to prepare for that. Not only did Athena bring Cassie over here to play, but they left the house looking like a bomb had gone off. I always tell Athena she has to clean up before she goes home, but she only remembers it if I am there to remind her. When I got home last night it must have been at least 85 in here and there was stuff everywhere. I could barely get through the front door. Dad had barely had dinner, and was just finishing it . . . At 7:30 pm. Athena had told Tess she would feed grandpa, but really didn’t. Then when she finally took Cassie home, after trashing the house and wearing grandpa out, she told her mom she hadn’t fed grandpa. So Tess, totally out of it on medication, stumbled to our house and gave him a sandwich and something to drink and stumbled back home. I came in about ½ hour later. He was exhausted, and doesn’t remember to get up and move around if I am not here to remind him. So he was really sore from spending the entire day in his recliner. I was tired and cranky from traveling most of the day, and then the trashed house and 85 degree temperature was enough to push me right over the edge. Tess called about 2 minutes after I got home and wanted me to get her some antacids, and I guess I was a little cranky. I told her I would go get them, but I had just come in to a 1000 degree trashed house and crabby dad from no food and three hours of the girls, and I was not happy. She said, jeez mom, you don’t have to go to the store, I thought I would catch you before you got home. I said, no, I would go, but needed to get the windows open, the floor cleared so I could actually walk, and make sure grandpa was okay. She kept saying no, I told her I was just cranky because I was so tired and it was so freaking hot in here, and why didn’t someone open the danged windows???? So I ended up taking her to the store so she could pick out her own antacids and something she thought she might be able to eat. She settled on creamed corn, cup-o-noodles, and some soy milk. She couldn’t have her usual cereal or chocolate milk, so had to get soy. Her stomach is touching when she is medicated, but she also hadn’t eaten. The dentist said no dairy, which is her primary food group, and no food that would be stuck in her “socket” or irritate her mouth. Haven’t heard from her yet today, but expect to in an hour or two.

Hope to post more soon!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

On being sick and tired!

I know the last thing you want to read is about how sick I have been, but that is what is on my mind right now, so here it comes.

Dad and I both have had a bad cold, followed by another week of coughing. Or maybe it only feels like a week. I feel like if it doesn't stop soon there will be a lung lying on the floor in front of my computer. Dad is doing about as well. Even though our rooms are separated by the bathroom I could hear him coughing off and on throughout the night. I think I must have slept through it the night before. We are both beyond exhaustion, and sick and tired of being "sick and tired." When I woke up this morning I told him I was so tired I felt like I needed at least a good four hours more sleep. He asked, "Four days?" I admitted he probably was closer to right than I was. He smiled and said, "Me, too." I actually have hope we are on the upswing. I think he is finally starting to cough some stuff up, so it is finally breaking up. I have been feeling marginally better since sometime yesterday afternoon. I still feel like sh*&%, just a better grade of sh*&% than a couple of days ago.

I am going to make a wonderful journey to Vancouver, WA, tomorrow to take my cousin Nick to a VA appt. Neither one of us has been to this clinic / hospital before. I know the general location, but not exactly where the parking structure will be, or where in the complex the office is located. The main thing I do know is how much I hate getting up early. I think I estimated the drive time to be 2-1/2 to 3 hours. So figuring we have to be there to check in at 10, and we might want to do a drive by on McDonalds on the way, we have to leave about 6:30 am. Have I mentioned I hate mornings? Well, I really hate getting up any time before 8 am. If we are leaving at 6:30 I have to be totally ready to go the night before and roll out of bed at 6 to be at his house by 6:30. On a good day I can make it there in about 15 minutes. When I am fighting sleep deprivation make it more like 25. I also have to figure out if I can leave dad in bed and hope Tess can get him up, or if I have to take care of him before I can roll out the door. He is getting stronger every day, and can go to the bathroom pretty much on his own now. He also got himself sitting up from bed this morning, and can walk a bit in his walker. I just don't want to leave him in the lurch, stuck in bed or stuck without some assistance. I know his bathing aid will be by around 11:45 tomorrow, so she could help with something if he needs it. My cousin Marty is supposed to be taking care of his lunch, and if all else fails driving Tess to her dentist appointment, too. She has some major work scheduled tomorrow and had to wait a month for the appt. so she can't miss it. This was the emergency appt. she got a month ago.

I am hoping to find a little time for some thing creative sometime this week. I need to paint and I need to make jewelry. I don't know when I will find time, but I am determined. I was hoping to do some of that last week, but felt so crappy I just didn't have the energy. Oh, and I had Jury duty, too. The art class I had intended to go to was on the day I had to go for jury selection. Of course I didn't get chosen, but it was interesting to sit there waiting for an hour and a half in the hallway while the judge took care of some "surprise, last minute, unexpected" business. Then we filed in for the selection process. The judge said, unfortunately the delay had turned what should have been a one day trial into a two day trial, so if anyone was unable to be there the next day they needed to tell his why they couldn't be there. There were at least 4-6 people who said they either couldn't get another day off, or it would be a hardship on them due to them owning their own business and it would put them behind. Then the selected 12 entered the jury box and after an hour of questioning they had eliminated five of them. That left 6 for jury and one alternate, who has to stay and listen to the trial along with the others in case they have to replace one later in the trial. It was interesting watching this process, made more so by watching David Ogden Stiers, seated right in front of me. It made me wonder if he was a bored by it all as I was, or if he was studying everything thinking of how he could use the experience in a future role he would be playing. He is so nonchalant about his being a "big star" that it makes it really easy for most folks to not even realize who he is. I have been around him so much I recognize him just from his posture and from the back. He has lived just south of Newport for a long time, and is one of the conductors of the Newport Symphany Orchestra. One of my best friends, Dan, was his personal assistant during the production and performance of "Love Letters," with Patty Duke, several years ago. It was really fun hearing about the various things that happened during the rehearsals and preparations. It was fun getting to talk with them both after the performance, and seeing them in person.

More soon. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dad is back home!!!

I am starting off this post with a photo of the latest necklace I made and the one Athena made for a friend at school. We had a good time, and I didn't change one thing she had put together in her piece, so it would truly be hers. I never use silverplate always use sterling so doing this one with the plated materials was kind of liberating because I didn't have to worry about how much each inch of wire or chain was costing me. I could just play with it and have fun. Hope you like it. Mine has a beach theme, and Athena's is fun stuff she took from her personal bead stash.
I think I already overdid it!! My back is really hurting today. But I toted Cassie around for the past three days. Then I was in charge of getting her and her wheelchair in and out of the car several times yesterday. Tess, Athena and Cassie went home last night and dad and I kicked back in the living room watching the news. The first thing that happened after Tess dropped dad off and helped me get Cassie situated with her second lunch, dad's urostomy appliance popped loose and we had pee going everywhere. They were using a totally different type of appliance in the rehab center, and it was not very secure or very easy to use, as far as I could tell. So I replaced it with one of the type we had been using before and got him all cleaned up, clothes changed, and back in the recliner. Of course I had to call Tess to come and stand by to make sure he didn't fall. I think he can do transfers on his own, just hasn't been told to stand up. He seems to be doing fine.

I wasn’t at all sure what to fix for dinner and we were both still full of Chinese food so we ate kind of late. I made what Tess’s SO refers to as “Crack chicken.” It comes from Schwan’s and is actually chicken breast meat stuffed with broccoli and cheese. It is so good you could just sit there and eat the entire box in one sitting. Instead I added a nice salad of romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes and raspberry vinaigrette and a baked potato. It was really great, and I think dad was pretty happy to be eating actual food again. The food at the rehab center has improved since my mom was there, but it is still institutional in preparation.

Dad stayed up until nearly 10 pm. I was amazed since he used to go to bed by 9 pm at the latest. I don’t know if it is a change in bedtime habits, or if he was just so happy to be in his comfy chair he was just savoring the moment. I figured if he could stand up he could transfer himself to the wheelchair and then to the bed, without me having to call Tess. I was right. Mostly he just needs encouragement. I don’t think they worked very hard at getting him to stand up or straighten his legs. The therapist who came with him on Tuesday said the same thing. She couldn’t believe how little they had improved his legs since he arrived there. She thought my approach to getting him to stand more often and work on straightening up his torso was exactly what he needed. So we are going to work on rehab at home. She said I couldn’t do any worse than they had. (She had just come back after a sabbatical so wasn’t involved in his care.)

Hoping for success all the way around. And if not, at least he is in his own home.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dad is coming home Thursday!!!!

Well, yesterday was the day of the "visitation." Wasn't sure what the heck that meant, whether they were examining my housekeeping skills, or just making sure it was going to work once dad came home. Turned out to be a lot more of the latter than the former. Whew!!! Just so glad it is over.

So tired I think I will pass out before Athena. She is spending the night at grandma’s since grandpa is coming home on Thursday and she can sleep in his bed one more time before then. The “inspection” thing went very well, aside from the fact the rehab people obviously don’t talk to each other. I hustled around to get the last things done for ease of movement through the house. Athena and Tess helped me with the last minute stuff. Athena had overslept and really didn’t want to go to school anyway, so she came with Tess and Cassie went to school. At about 10 after 10 dad called and asked what was going on. I said I thought he was coming to visit. He said he thought so too, and where the heck was I. At the meeting last week they said, "We will bring him down about 10," and proceeded to ask him if he could direct them. He said of course. So naturally I assumed they were bringing him. Of course what they neglected to mention was they never transport anyone. The PT gal who came said the social worker folks probably just don’t know that. I thought what a bunch of boobs, obviously they communicate really well with each other. She was amazed we already had so many accommodations in place to assist him, and the only suggestions she had were installing a grab bar in the shower / toilet area and getting a transfer seat in the shower. We had a regular shower bench. I had no idea what they would be looking at or what they were looking for. Come to find out she just wanted to know if we were equipt to take care of him 24 hours a day. She wouldn’t approve him to be at home without knowing he had someone here 24 / 7. Later I stopped at the Elks and donated the shower bench we had. Fortunately they had a transfer bench which is really nice, and let us have that one. So he is coming home Thursday around 11:30 am. Tess had to go pick him up and will bring him home. He can easily get in and out of her car. The physical therapist says he may move around better in his own home, and if we work on the standing thing a bit he may pick up some of his lost skills. Or he may not, but his attitude will be better any way. Athena and Tess made pizza for both households last night while I videoed them with my digital camera. It was very funny and Athena wouldn’t stop watching it. I hope to have the new beading area all set up today. I will try to take a picture to post. It isn’t great, but it is sure better than working on a footstool in the living room. Athena and I worked on using the bead spinner and seed beads before bed. I think I am going to try putting a few bigger beads in it and see what happens. Turned out the seed beads wouldn't fit over the eye of the bead spinner's needle. Good thing we weren't counting on it to help us right away.

Tess and I stopped at a friends house Sunday night and her dog was very amusing. The dogs name is Peaches. She is really hyper and very sweet. If you don't mind a dog who runs around like crazy and jumps on and off your lap faster than lightning. Actually I thought it was pretty fun. I really needed a doggy fix. It was just what the "doctor" ordered after the stress of the past few days.