Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whoa, it's been a week!!!

Holy cow, it has been a week since my last post. I am so behind. I guess that is partially because I have been soooo busy.

Had my grandgirls over here a couple of times, spent half of a couple of days shopping with Tess, Cassie and Athena or a combination of the above. Finally attempted a solo run on giving dad a shower. Didn't kill either one of us, and it only took me a day to recover.

My big plans for tomorrow are getting the sewing machine out and catching up on all the stuff I have been intending to stitch up. A robe for my cousin Nick, sarongs for Athena and Cassie, and some minor mending chores. I have to hand stitch some tucks into a new top for Athena for school, too. Sandwich in feed and care of cats and dad and it pretty much takes up the day. Oh, and I promised Athena we would go to art class tomorrow morning. Yikes!!! What have I gotten myself into???

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another day. Thank God!!!

Well, I don't know what day it is or what month it is, well actually I know it is August, but this week has gotten more nuts with each passing day. I am guessing today might be a little more "normal."

Let me start this story on Tuesday. Everything seemed pretty normal until Tess called to ask me if I would take the girls for a couple of hours so she could take Eric to the ER. His face was hugely swollen and discolored. He has a serious abcessed tooth. I said, of course, and over they came. After a couple of hours I got a call from Tess. They were still waiting to go in, and after another hour or so arrived to pick up the girls and take them home. Athena and Cassie and I played and looked at lots of beads, and beading catalogs, and Cassie crawled all over the house. Normal afternoon up until then. Tess said not only did they not do a whole lot for Eric, but he had a seizure in the middle of Walgreens. He has epilepsy and his poor body seems to conspire to make him pay for some unknown sin from his greatgrandfather or something. He is always embarrassed by public seizures, even though there is nothing he can do about them. Well, Tess called me and said, "Mom can you drive over here and put the car seat in the car, we have to go back to the emergency room." I thought, oh no, Eric must be worse. I asked her if he was okay and she said, "It's not for Eric, it's Cassie. I am covered in her blood." He was back home and recovering from all that, and the girls were playing, when Athena (overzealous in her playing) accidentally hit Cassie's head on the coffee table. She said Eric couldn't see a big wound so he wasn't too worried about it, but of course Tess was covered in her blood and hysterical. By the time I put on my shoes and drove over there Cassie had pretty much calmed down and said, "Hi Grandma, I have an owie on my head." I told her I knew she had an owie, and she was pretty calm until we started driving. Then she said, "I go doctor?" I said yes, and she starting getting wound up. She hates hospitals and doctors since she has spent so much time with them. By the time we got there she had wound back up to full whimper and was feeling very sorry for herself. She was hysterically crying all throught the triage stage, and totally calm by the time she was back to the waiting room, including wearing a wristband I told her was a bracelet. (She loves jewelry so it made the id band okay) She got called in to see the doctor, and of course Grandma got to stay in the waiting room. I couldn't hear her crying, and I guess she did pretty well. The doctor checked her head, they put ice on it, and called her neurosurgeon in Portland to see what he wanted them to do. The wound was really small, but there was a little bump and with her shunt they wanted to be sure there was no intracranial swelling. She was fine, and they got her to sit still by telling her she would get a present if she would let them look. Tess asked her if she wanted a prize and she said, a Prize?? Cassie got a glove blown up to look like a hand, and a cute little teddy bear wearing a purple T-shirt. She was so delighted everyone working in the ER had to go see how cute she was. They finally came out and had to stay until the neurosurgeon called back. She charmed all the people sitting in the waiting room. She crawled all around and entertained everyone, grandma included.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, and I found out I am being traded to another company with some accounts and equipment. Funny, huh? I feel like a baseball player.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yesterday was insane, I still have hope for today

My day yesterday ended up being one of those run here there and everywhere days, too. Went to get my time sheet signed and a check for agency, cash Tess's paycheck, pick up my check, stop and pay Tess's power and pick up lunch for dad and Tess's girls. Stop and make lunches for dad and the girls, run to Newport (22 miles) go to the courthouse and visit assessor's office to get paperwork I needed and copies of tax receipts she needed. Then on to her appt. Next we ate lunch at our FAVORITE Chinese restaurant. Then on to Walmart. Ran around finding a new T-shirt and new undies for Eric, some beads and stretchy cord for Athena, picked Eric and the girls up some food at Taco Bell, and then home. Next a trip to pick up a can of gas and up to Tess's car (which was dying on her way to work on Sunday) get it going again, followed her to the gas station, put $20 in it, on to the grocery store, where we both did a bit of grocery shopping. Then home and fixed dinner, got dad started toward bed, another explosion in the rear end, more cleaning time, put new sheets on his bed, got him to bed. Then just as I sat down and put my feet up for the first time Tess popped in and asked me to spot her while she climbed on a chair to check for the reset button on her hot water heater. So we climbed in my car and drove over behind her house, so I wouldn't fall in the dark, and she dragged a chair around from her deck and I held a flashlight and she climbed on the chair. The screws in the cover over the thermostat was kind of stripped and she couldn't get it open. The internet said she would need to push the reset button which should be on top. So she wanted to look at the top of the tank. She couldn't climb up that high from the chair. So in the meantime the neighbor lady has popped out to see what we are doing, fortunately triggering her flood light which is pretty much aimed right at the hot water heater. So she went back in her house and brought out a step stool for Tess to use. Tess climbed on it, I pushed on her butt and held her up so she could look on top, no reset button in sight. By now Eric has decided to join us (he so didn't want to do this in the dark) and with his strong man hands managed to get the screw driver to bite into those stripped screws and push the reset button. I don't think that was the problem, but I haven't heard yet. I am sure the next stop will be at George Morlan Plumbing (The water heater king). Of course neither one of us has the money to replace it right now. So they will be in cold water for the next couple of weeks.

Today we went to check on the hotwater heater at George Morlan's and the gent there said we definitely need a plumber. Fortunately the hubby of one of my friends is a plumber. I had totally forgotten that until I went to Geo. Morlan. I am going to call and see if they will do a house call and let me make payments on it. Neither Tess nor I has any money right now for a new water heater, but we might be able to finance one. Jeez, I swear it never ends, does it?!!

Came home to find dad rolling around in no pants because he had a "little problem" while I was gone. so now I have him changed, dressed and down for a nap. I am hoping for a few quiet moments for myself at some point today. It is no wonder I am so tired all the time. When I look at all the stuff I do every day I wonder where I get the energy to do what I do. I never seem to get caught up on anything. And I am sleep deprived most of the time. Some day it will be time for me. I know it in my heart. I am just not seeing much of it right now.

Don't worry, I am not depressed, just a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Thankfully Athena is over here and we are making jewelry. That is a nice thing I do for her and for me. It relaxes me more than painting does.

On the painting subject, I have to start the public art project sometime either this week or next. Yikes. I don't know where to start!!! It is gigantic!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Somehow Fridays aren't such a great thing in my life, however this one started off badly but has gotten better as the day has worn on.

My morning started waaaay too early again. 5:30 again. This time with Dad yelling my name and needing help to get to the bathroom in a hurry. Of course it was just gas so we both went back to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow Baby was meowing to come in so I got back up and left his escape hatch open so he could go back out when he was done. It took me about ½ hour to get back to sleep, then Baby decided he had to get on the bed and kept pawing my shoulder trying to get me to let him under the covers. Then after another 15 minutes or so he curled up between my legs and went to sleep. I just got back to sleep again and he suddenly jumped up meowed loudly and ran down the hall. I had almost nodded off again and he was back meowing like mad. I told him, “No dammit!!!” He wasn't listening obviously because he left for another few minutes and was back again. I finally gave up and just got up. I found dad had gotten up and was in the living room trying to figure out how to find our usual morning station. (TV remotes confuse him) I think Baby was just trying to ask me if dad was up why wasn't I!! Silly cat.

Then after some breakfast and coffee I had to drive Tess to work and went to buy her some fresh fruit for lunch. On the way back I went to two church rummage sales and bought a couple of things. I found a beautiful Taxco sterling silver bracelet for 10-cents, some Wade animals from England for 10-cents apiece, and a wonderful denim blue really soft leather shoulder bag from Wilson Leather for 50-cents. I am sure the bag cost at least $50 because I have a black one my XBF bought me last year at the Wilson outlet and I know he paid $50 for it. It is barely used and looks like new. I got some cute little elephant figures for Athena. For some reason she has become infatuated with ellies.

I got her Etsy shop started, but need to actually put some merchandise in it. I am going to photo and start listing in a bit. I got her an email address I can check and gave her mom the info for it, too. She is very excited about having her own shop.

I will be back quicker next time. Life barrels along with or without me. So I figured i better play catch up.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tag You're It, well, I'm It!!!

I was tagged by Nancy's Arts and Crafts (Nancy) and am passing along the game to six other bloggers.

The rules of the game are:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged

Here goes with six unspectacular quirky things about me:

1. (Like Nancy, who tagged me) I like reading favorite authors’ entire works (unlike her I love murder mysteries and crime dramas, i.e.: Sue Grafton; J.A. Jance; Mary Higgins Clark; Carol Higgins Clark; Patricia Cornwell; etc.)
2. I could eat Chinese food for every meal every day and never tire of it.
3. I am obsessed with jewelry making. So much it is interfering with my painting.
4. I am really bad at selling my own work. My daughter is much better at it.
5. I am such a softy I will forgive just about anyone just about anything, many times to my own chagrin.
6. I think I am a truly rich person, in ways the financially rich person can never comprehend.

So here are the six bloggers I have tagged:

1. Barrie's Jewelry World
2. Elaine's Daily Art Journal
3. Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker
4. The Blue Between
5. For The Love of Beads
6. Life on the Island

(even when i am low on free time I read these blogs at least once a week)

Read their blogs; creative souls writing there!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Shrink art revisited

Another shot of some shrink art charms and the charm bracelet I made using them. The fish are my original art and are subject to copyright infringement if duplicated without my permission.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Computer woes

Yesterday and the day before were productive as far as making earrings goes, and annoying as far as having or using a computer goes. I have had my computer freezing and rebooting about every hour and 45 minutes for the last couple of months. So Tess and I had tried everything we could think of to remedy that. Nothing worked. Day before yesterday I thought (brilliant woman that I am NOT) I would check out the Microsoft website and see what patches or whatever were available for XP Media Center, which was the operating system I was using. They had an XPMC service pack 3 available, and recommended I install it, so I did. Once it was done I rebooted my computer, and it wouldn't even get to my desktop, or anywhere. So, Eric and I spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone talking about what I wanted to do, and what we could do. He laughed at me for downloading something from Microsoft, and I told him they said it was what I needed to download. Turns out it was a beta test version and really flaky, and after I downloaded it my computer was immediately susceptible to worms, spyware, etc. and it had contracted a worm which was eating my data. Tess and Eric got it opened in safe mode, and got rid of the worm, but the harddrive needed to be reformatted to recover from the original problem (rebooting itself). So to make a long story longer they got my computer running in safe mode, and brought it back to my house so I could delete the stuff we didn't need, and sort down the photos of the girls, etc. Tess took it back home and uploaded all the photos of the girls to her Photobucket account, and then they reformatted the thing and installed XP. Not media center, and I have now lost all my previously installed software, addresses, etc. But things are good between us all now, and Eric is finding out I am not a mean or bad person. He is trying to get a computer consulting business off the ground, and he is very good at tracking down problems and helping people with software issues. Tess had come over to bring back my cell phone (accidentally ended up in her purse last night) and she was trapped here by the momma raccoon and her triplets. Eric came to find out where she was and scared them away so they were able to get back home again. Whew!!! nothing like rambling on like a mad woman!!!

Went grocery shopping for myself and for Tess earlier after delivering some of the earrings I had made earlier this and last weeks. I got home from driving Tess back to her house with her groceries I had picked up for her earlier and found dad back up at the front door letting the cat out. I was so mad and scared I yelled at him (bad daughter). I asked him what the he*&^ he thought he was doing and didn't he remember how and why he fell the last time, and I was only gone for about two minutes and he knew it . . . JEEZ!!!! At least he didn't fall this time.

I am spending the evening making jellyfish legs tonight, and putting together jellyfish. Oh such fun.