Monday, October 20, 2008

Life is Good

Life is good, and hopefully getting better all the time. Who cares what the stock market does as long as the supermarket is still within my budget?!

Last week was dad's latest doctor's appt., an ordeal as usual. It isn't that he is a problem, or that the doctor is a problem, just the logistics of getting the two together. We have a horrible old cobbled together wheelchair ramp. It is too steep for him to walk down, even on a good day, and so steep he has to go down it backwards or fall forward out of his chair. Tess came over to help get him out to her car, mine is too low to the ground for him to get in and out of. She nearly kills herself getting him down, and he can grab onto the rail and help slow the rush to the bottom. Getting into the car is tough since the old legs don't bend as well as they used to, and her seats are so high. They are leather, so it is hard to get him positioned in a way he is comfortable, but we eventually managed it. Then when we get to the doctor's office it is just him and me, and they won't help me, even to open the door. I use their wheelchair (read that as really crappy, but I can't lift his home chair). After the appt. is the really hard part. Getting him back in the house. By the time we get back home he is so tired he can barely manage to stand long enough to get his butt in the chair. So Tess comes over and we push/pull him up the ramp, and then struggle to get him over the raised area by the door. She pushes, I pull, and dad struggles with the door jambs. Eventually we manage it, and all three collapse in a heap inside.

The good part of the appt. was the clean bill of health, and the fact he doesn't have to go back for another three months. He gave us some new psoriasis medication, and says I am doing a great job following my instincts on his skin care. Whew!!! I told the doc the dermatologist wasn't helping at all and I was tired of trying to do what he said was right when there was no improvement. He said I was right. Trying a variety of other solutions made more sense than using something that did no good. Yea!!! The new meds are working better, and the non-prescription I started him on is helping too.

The print shop part of my work has traded ownership today. The antique mall part will trade on the 27th. I am in a weird sort of limbo, not knowing where or when I am working, but knowing as of the first of November I will be putting in more hours and being paid more for at least a quarter of my job (one of my jobs). I am also working on a line of jewelry for the shop, the new owner is fixing up a rotating Timex case which lights up and will hold a variety of my jewelry in a prominent position in the shop.

I am nearly ready to start using my lampworking torch, and making my own melted glass beads. I can't wait to begin!!! Of course I will need tons more glass and have months of practice ahead of me, but i am planning on getting going soon. The only serious thing missing from my arsenal is a kiln. The one I want costs about $800. Yikes!!!


rosebud101 said...

You wear me out, Rita! I'm glad that life is good.

Maggie said...

Rita, So glad your dad is doing well, considering all he has been through. You do have a busy schedule, I'm such a slouch.

Can't wait to see you making beads because I know you will be a natural. You have so much artistic talent.

Deronda G said...

I am also anxious to see you at the torch. I know I could never keep up with your busy life, but so happy that life is good.

Barrie said...

Hooray for a clean bill of health!! You're such an amazingly strong woman to take on the care of your dad. Not an easy job, and I totally salute you! :) Can't wait to see your first beads!!

Paula said...

Glad you Dad is doing good and I know you must have some stressful days. You are right LIFE IS GOOD!!