Monday, May 25, 2009

Dad is in the hospital

Just thought I would let you all know we need all the positive energy we can get flowing this direction right now. My dad is in the hospital and we are waiting for test results, they have poked, prodded and scanned, and we have yet to hear anything from the doctor. Waiting is a horrible thing. Dad seems to be doing fine now, he was dehydrated following a short and intense illness, but is in good spirits now and they are finally feeding him. Two days with nothing to eat made him not too happy. If you know my dad, he loves his food. I think that runs in the family. He is having some skin issues, some bowels problems and got dehydrated very quickly. He had also had a cough for a few days, we thought it was an allergy, but who knows. Hopefully we will get more information tonight.

I'll keep you posted. Please keep him in your thoughts.


Louise said...

Rita you and your Dad are in my thoughts - hope he's feeling better and home again soon!

rosebud101 said...

Hang in there, Rita! (((HUGS))))

Paula said...

Rita, Hope you are getting the rest you need. You and your Dad are in my thoughts and hoping he has a speedy recovery. Hugs