Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello again

Thought I would pop in long enough to say I am no longer a moderator for one of my favorite facebook games, but am still enjoying my facebook time. I also have a boyfriend / new love in my life. No details except to say he is kind, gentle, sweet, amazing and someone worth risking my heart for.

I was injured at work in July, and haven't worked much since then. The first 6-8 weeks I was unable to return to even light-duty work, so my wonderful (NOT) bosses fired me. Nice, huh? I am doing much better now, and have even done some graphic design work for my old part-time employer. Life is starting to look up again, and I am getting going making some new styles of jewelry, and prepping my lampworking (torching) area for future use.

More to come soon, and hopefully some photos, to go with.

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anita said...

hi rita! thanks for dropping by the blog. glad to hear life is dishing up some happy for you too :)
and yes, ian has shot up tall. he is also a very smart boy and his heart is grabbing for as much of life that can be had! he is interested in everything. visit again!