Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cassie the farmer

My daughter, Tess, took Cassie and I out for Chinese lunch today. We had a nice relaxed and delicious lunch and took our time getting back home. Cassie decided since school is out she wanted to come to grandma's house for the afternoon. That was around 3:30 pm.

After playing with necklaces for almost an hour, trying a pile of them on at one point and looking like a gypsy. She then tried making "pendulums" of them and swung them back and forth and said, "Grandma, this is like a clock." She tried about a dozen different ones, she also tried a couple of bracelets, finally deciding some of them were a bit heavier and swung a lot better than the rest.

We drew and colored birthday cards for my friends Jerry and Patricia's daughter Meg. We had a lot of fun and put a lot of love into them.

Next we decided to open (again) a package that had come from my friend Yamiko. She went through the treasure trove of stickers, oggled the beads, and decided which kitty picture was the cutest.

We also massaged each other's feet and legs with lotion, and snuggled for a bit.

After doing all the activities she could do on the floor she decided she wanted to check out some games on FaceBook. She clicked on my traps in MouseHunt and Ghost Trappers. She was delighted to find a new game from the creators of GT, Diviad, it is called Alien Visitors. She laughed, and ooohhed and aaaahhed looking at the cute aliens I had caught.
She asked me if I had any more fun games and I told her we could go check on my farms on Farmville, and she kept herself busy for a couple of hours. She laughed most at clicking on the various animals who were "ripe" and watching the farmer and dog running from one side of the farm to the other. She then discovered she could move the animals, trees and other landscaping around and rearranged both my farms. She also discovered there was a "storage" option and put a lot of the things I had out away. In fact she loved it so much she asked her mom if she could play it at her house too. Tess told her she had her own farm and would get it all logged in and ready so Cassie could play with it. I figure if it took her a couple of hours to move all the stuff around I ought to be able to get it all back in place in an hour or so.

She left for home at about 8:30 pm, and was laughing and telling her mom all about our adventures. It was a busy, and wonderful day.


Kim Bee said...

Your grand-daughter sounds like such a little cutie-pie. I love reading about your visits. The pictures are adorable.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Glad you had a fun day and it was nice to catch up on Cassie's news!

watertodrinkfoodtoeatandlaughter said...

so cool how you give her the room to find out about things herself. It is so wise. Today I had a talk with Skylar (age 9) and his younger brother Galon age about 6. SKYLAR admired my RED MUSTANG CAR and it went home with him. Galon admire my Momma Gorilla and her baby, named them Galon and Michael (after his dad) I said "ok, they can go home with you I never named them - tell your mom i gave them to you, please." Yes Cassie is brilliant and will be anybody she wants to be !! Yay Grandma and all her family for making that a reality.