Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eric the "Mad Scientist"

My oldest granddaughter, Athena, is really into Steampunk. Knowing this I looked high and low for something for her birthday this year. I found a fabulous pair of authentic vintage welders goggles in the original metal case for a relatively reasonable price. I intended to give them to her on her birthday, but of course "lost" them temporarily. Trust me on this one, that is super easy in my house. I have a "collecting" problem, not exactly hoarding, but very nearly. When I found them again, I called her to have her stop by so I could present them to her. She fell instantly in love with them, and toted them home. She left them sitting on the front of the hand-made hutch that used to be in my mom and dad's house, but now lives at my daughter's home. A week or so ago my son-in-law, Eric, walked past the hutch and noticed the little metal case and wondered what was inside. Upon opening it he put them on, just to try them out and see what they actually were. My daughter snapped this great photo of him, Eric the "Mad Scientist."

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