Thursday, December 6, 2012

Burgers, grandkids and fun!

As you can see by the photos, my grandgirls have fun wherever they go.
They are naturally energetic, outgoing, and LOUD!
My daughter says her home is never quiet, but on days when the girls' friends are around the decibel level is even higher. She says it wouldn't be a big deal, except she is now taking college courses online and trying to think with the kids going full bore isn't even a remote possibility.
So, in order to induce food comas and a bit more peace and quiet we take them across the street where we live and visit one of our favorite hamburger "joints," Hwy. 101 Burger
The girls have a fascination with writing on the tires which are used as table bases and advertising, with paint markers. You will see many I "heart" Vance, the owner of Hwy. 101 Burger, and many instances of Cassie loves Shayla, Neena loves everyone, etc.
From the first time we took Cassie to Hwy. 101 Burger, she fell in love with the owner, Vance. Who can blame her, he really is a very sweet guy. She even had her last birthday party there. She and Vance are in the planning stages of their first holiday party, complete with a free gift exchange and food for all the kids in attendance.
Not only are there amazingly good, hand-formed burger patties, but the best fries in town! He hand cuts all the fries, and hand forms every single burger patty. Several days a week there are optional add-ins like bacon, jalapenos, and pastrami. Needless to say we pop in there for a bite quite often. The prices are reasonable, starting at $5 for a burger, fries and a drink.
If you ask Cassie where she wants to go out to eat, it is either a pancake day, or a burger day. On burger days, there is no choice in her mind, or ours.

Our lunches or dinners spent at Hwy. 101 Burger may be any assortment of our family members as well as various kid-friends of our sweet girls. When you want to go somewhere with reasonable prices and darned good food in Lincoln City, Oregon, you can't beat Hwy. 101 Burger! Tell Vance my friend Cassie told me to stop by!

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