Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's for real this time

I went to visit my dad this afternoon and he was lying in his bed when I got there. I had expected him to be at the St. Patty's party. I asked him why he wasn't at the party, and he said because he didn't feel like it. I asked him how he was feeling, and he said fine. I said then what the heck was he doing in bed, get his butt up because we were going to the party. He said, Okay, since you put it like that. I think he was glad I "made" him go. He got a nice hot cup of coffee, some green filled oreos, some peanutbutter and caramel filled chocolate candies, and got to listen to some nice Irish music. He hummed along ate his treats, and told me he was glad I "made" him get up. I reminded him the less he does the less he will be able to do, and I think he really would like to come home at some point. Right now he is still tired from being so ill, and but I think he is also enjoying not having to do anything much for himself.

I wore my new pendant today. I call it "Balancing Act." It has a beautiful lampwork bead handmade by my friend Pam Brisse, torcher extraordinaire. Here it is:

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