Saturday, January 10, 2009

My collected works

I wrote this Friday night.

At about 9:15 pm, after getting dad to bed, the power went out and has not come back on yet. It is 9:40, and who knows when it will be back, if at all tonight. I figured I could at least get a bit of the day on paper, virtual at that. Did some running around before and after work. Got an amazing bead from my friend Debby in the mail today. WOW!!! She hit my tastes right on the head. I can picture wearing this bead as a pendant until I am 102. It is amazing. I just hope I can find the design of pendant that will do it justice. i will add the photo after I remember to take a picture of it. Wonderful and detailed work!!! The other exciting thing that arrived today was some of those cigar box bead boxes from the bead box man on Etsy. Nice. I put all the beads I have made (except the ones that cracked, and the first two days which I can't seem to locate) in one box, and they make a really impressive showing. I actually like a lot of them, and love a few. Yea!!! My dad was amazed when he looked in the box at how terrific they look together.

I photographed last night's beads and they are fabulous if I do say so myself. The tab is kind of funky due to not knowing how much glass it would take, but I like it anyway. The hearts came out great, and the murrini bead is really pretty, too. Yep, pretty happy with them all. A few could have had better dimples, but not too shabby. Better go before I use up all my battery reserve. (click on the photo for a bigger version)

I laid in bed and read until about 10:30 and finally gave up and went to sleep. The power came back on at 12:30 and, consequently, so did all the lights I had left on. so I got up and turned them all off. The light was still on in dad's bedroom and he slept right through it all.

Today I ran around with my daughter and a friend, looking for a cooling pad for the friend's laptop. I knew I had seen one somewhere locally and we finally found it at Rite Aid. Her laptop is now running without overheating, but soon she will be buying a new one anyway. It has had "issues" ever since she was "accosted" during a trip through one of the airport security areas a couple of years ago. The security folks were angry with her over her C-PAP machine showing evidence of "medication" well, duh, she cleans the mask in Listerine and it gives a false reading because of the alcohol. They basically threw her laptop, broke the latch on the case and must have either cracked or dislodged something one the motherboard. Jeez, another case of overzealous security people who really don't give a crap about the people they are injuring or the merchandise they are damaging. They did a strip search on her, and held her purse and all her belongings because of a medical device. Unreal. Sorry for the rant. It just annoys me still, even after two years.


Deronda designs... said...

Getting to be quite a collection. It's fun to watch your progress.

PolymerClayTutor said...

Wow you have been busy Rita! The beads look great... what a cool box! It looks like it protects your beads quite nicely. Glad to hear you got your power back. It's kind of cozy at first but is a real pain if it goes on to long, especially if it is really cold. Sorry to hear about your friends' security nightmare. It didn't sound very fun. :-( ~Cindy Lietz

rosebud101 said...

Boy, Rita, I just don't understand where you get your energy from. You are amazing!