Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 2 post op

Cassie had a hard night Wednesday night. She wasn't breathing as deeply as they would like and ended up on oxygen a few times during the night. Thursday night though she was doing better, fever down, and complaining because no one had fed her or given her anything to drink. We played with the controls on her bed a bit and sat her up a bit straighter. If she continues to do well she will get some liquids on Friday. She was definitely doing better when I left, and I am heading up to see her in a few minutes now.

Mommy, daddy and I decided to try playing Monopoly. We are in the middle of a game. We photographed the board so we would know who had how many hotels, houses, etc. since we had to call it off so I could go back to my friend's house to eat dinner and sleep.

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