Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Surgery

Well, yesterday was brutally long and emotionally and physically exhausting for all of us. It was also a rousing success. The urologist we met with after her surgery said it was very successful. Her appendix was used to create new "ducts" from her kidneys to her bladder, and from her bladder to the outside of her belly. A piece of her small intestine was used in augmenting the size of her bladder. She has a small vertical incision below her belly button, and 5 tubes coming out of her belly in various places. By the time she comes home she will only have 3.

She won't get anything to eat for at least 2-3 days, and to start of course it will be clear liquids. For a girl who is all about the food, especially pancakes, this is going to be the hardest. She hates the broth they tried to give her the day before surgery, the only part of her tray she found edible was the jello and the apple juice.

Last night she got to video-chat with her sister, but can't sit up well enough yet to see the laptop screen, so mom and dad had to each take a side of her bed and hold the laptop so she could see and be seen. She was very happy to connect with her big sis, her cousin, and her aunt. I am heading off to see her on her first day post-surgery. She is a trooper, and asked if she could go home yet last night within an hour of awaking from the anesthetic.


Steph said...

I wish her a quick recovery! Give her a hug from a Belgian bat! ;)

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Thanks so much Steph, I will do that! She's doing much better today.