Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cap'n Cassie and the Pirate Ship

My daughter and granddaughter picked me up about 12:30, a little later than planned for. But we were all very excited, it was our first outing since Tess got her Jeep back. It took her nearly $800 in repairs, but it is a relief to have a vehicle big enough for Cassie's wheelchair. She is so independent and loves to be able to push herself wherever we go. She hates feeling like a baby and having to be carried or worse yet, ride in a shopping cart.

We went to a restaurant called "Flashbacks" because we thought it would be fun for Cassie. They play old rock and roll tunes, have very retro decor and a game room. Tess and Cass played with the animal crane, Cassie got some things out of the .25 machines, and her lunch came in a cool vintage pink convertible.

Then we wandered around the tiny little area called Aquarium Village. It has a lot of little shops and quite a few pirate related things, so Cassie was really enchanted by the stuff. She wheeled her chair through most of the places we went on her own. She had to get out and sit in the pirate ship in front of one shop. You should have seen her trying to grab the wheel in the ship and Tess trying to keep her from falling off the seat. I finally said, Cassie, can you sit back on the seat so Grandma can take your picture, and she settled right down. Funny girl!! Here is the picture of Cap'n Cassie, the pirate:

We looked at junk and touristy stuff, we found a costume shop that has rennaissance faire-style cloaks, gowns, and pirate costumes all handmade by the owner. We wandered through a kind of touristy antique mall-type place and one vendor had tons of beads. Cassie got a cute little kit of kids beads with stringing materials enough to make either a bracelet or necklace. She also got a surprise ball the lady says has little kiddy toys in it all wound up in crepe paper. Tess got a pair of sterling silver spider earrings. I saw a bunch of stuff I liked, but nothing that really grabbed me. We didn't go to the bead store because we had spent so much time elsewhere, but Cassie had a fabulous time, and when she is happy everyone has a great time.

Today was a typical day at the antique mall. Busy, slow, packed, empty, and miserable for about an hour when the power went out. I got a few projects taken care of and have one more day to look forward to before another day and a half off. Then it is back to making some jewelry and trying to get my house cleaned up a little.

I hope you are all having a good week, I actually think I am. I'm finally down to only slightly wheezy, and only coughing once in a while.

Now I look forward to just not feeling so tired. The sunshine helped, I just wish it would come back.

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