Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fun and annoyance

Well, my son called me last night to give me his agenda for today for my car. I told him I had a bone to pick with him and let him have it both barrels. I also told him he will never again borrow or drive my car. If he has no more respect for my property than to smoke in my NON-SMOKING car, then . . . well, you get the picture!!

Today, however was fun. Tess and I along with Cassie went to pick her car up from the mechanic. Yippee!! New starter, new sensor, Jeep is good!!! We decided to take Cassie out to lunch. She chose pizza. (one of her current favorites) She got to play in the arcade room and she and I had photos taken in the photo booth. Tess and I decided to order salad bars, appetizers and a single 8" pizza to share between us all. It was a ton of food, and she took the leftover pizza to her co-worker who never remembers to bring lunch. There was a group of kids at the pizzeria, and they were very curious to see a tiny little girl in her tiny little wheelchair. One girl asked if her leg was broken, and I said, no, her legs just didn't work. She was very curious, so I told a whole group of the kids a little more about Cassie. Cassie, fortunately isn't bothered by people's inquiries. She probably wonders why they don't know. One little girl asked her why she wasn't walking. Another wondered if she used to be able to walk. Tess and I both educated them some, and Cassie was delighted by the attention. One mother came over with her daughter and wanted her to apologize for her questions. Tess and I both assured her it was perfectly normal to wonder why Cassie couldn't walk, and at this age it is a good time for kids to figure out not everyone can walk. The mom thanked us for being so understanding, but we told her we were happy to be able to answer the questions. Kids can be very cruel, but they can also be so innocent and curious like the kids today. They were very kind to Cassie, and when Cassie had played all the games she wanted to she gave her remaining tokens to her new friends. It was a great time out for all of us.

She came back to the antique mall with me when I had to go to work, so Tess could go see her boss and get her pay so she could pay the mechanic. Cassie was delighted to be there. She said, "It's so beautiful," as we walked throught the front door. She loves all the sparkly glass and fun things to look at. She also was thrilled to see my co-worker, Tammy, and my boss, Ann. She had a chance to meet a couple of the antique dealers who have spaces there, too. They didn't know she was a paraplegic, so it was another learning experience for the day. All in all it was a good day. Then Tess came back and took Cass home. Ann and I went to a lady's home and bought some cool stuff for the mall. I hurt my back carrying Cassie around, though. She is really getting too heavy for this poor old grandma to carry around. Guess we will just have to be sure we have her wheelchair with us all the time now.

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Hi, Rita. Nancy here again. When I was reading about your Cassie, it reminded me of a poem I will post tomorrow when I blog about the March for Babies. Have you read "To My Sisters"? Link is here: "http://www.livingwithtrisomy13.org/inspirations.htm#To_You,_My_Sisters", then go about half way down to read the entire poem.