Monday, April 7, 2008

Jeeps and bleeps

The bleepidy, bleep, bleeping Jeep wouldn't start this morning. So Tess had me call the mechanic. She said if she called him she would "rip him a new one." And that probably wouldn't help with getting him to actually fix it. Needless to say, it is in the shop. Hopefully in the shop until tomorrow and then back here. We told him he was absorbing the labor, we would pay for actual parts used. He agreed, and really after putting $800 into it last week, it is the last we have and can spend on it. We let my son know he had to get the car back to me, so we could do the things WE had to get done. He waited until nearly 3:15 pm and then he brought his wife and her youngest son with him, so I couldn't get in the car, and Tess had to drive him home. That would have been merely annoying if she didn't have a migraine headache and probably shouldn't be driving at all. Part way home she called me and said she also thinks he was smoking in my car. I am so angry I could shoot him. Needless to say, he will not be getting to use my car again. That is the final straw. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, he knows it, and yet he can't be considerate enough to abide by my wishes even when I AM DOING HIM A FAVOR!!! DAMN HIM!!!

Okay, enough bleeping, bleeps. It has been a do absolutely nothing day. I didn't do laundry, I didn't make jewelry, I did absolutely nothing but catch up on some old TV and write this post. I was waiting for my car so I could go grocery shopping. I am so mad!!! If I had not needed a car to accomplish this I would have done it another way. He knew we needed the car first thing this morning. The mechanic has no loaner car, either. I can feel my blood pressure shooting through the roof. Not a good thing. If I had another car, or someone else to drive me around it wouldn't be a big deal, but no such luck. I can't go visit dad like I told him I would either, and Tess and I can't go grocery shopping until around 8 pm. I hate shopping that late. I ache too bad to enjoy it by that time of night. Not to mention the Grocery Outlet is closed by then and Safeway is so expensive you can't afford to shop there.

The end. Enough rant for one day!!

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