Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween costumes and My first beads!!!

My sweet little family, Tess, Eric, Athena and Cassie ready for their big night out. The handsome prince Eric is holding the adorable faerie princess Cassie, Athena is the Spider Princess, and Tess is the Queen of the Spiders. I made Athena and Tess's garb, and Eric did their makeup!!! Wow, he is amazing. He says he had plenty of experience doing Mardi Gras makeup in New Orleans. (CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR BIGGER PICTURE)

My friends on Wet Canvas had been encouraging me to attempt making my own lampwork beads. They gave me all sorts of hints, tips, and love. They even (Maggie) sent me some tools and glass. I told Maggie I was planning to fire up the torch I bought last year by the end of October. What with the making of Halloween costumes I wasn't sure I would be able to hit my self-imposed deadline. But, at 10:30 pm on Oct. 31, I put the fire to my hothead torch and began melting glass. I spent nearly two hours on the torch, and repeated the process last night. I love the heart beads, especially the ones from last night. The swirly bead in yellow transparent over a white base with the red frit is probably my favorite. It was really fun to make. Back sooner with more beads. The bottom photo is of the beads from my first night's glass melting. The second night I actually managed to make a round bead.


Steph said...

Wowww , you've been busy! The costumes are great and the beads too (one day I'll try to melt glass too!).

rosebud101 said...

The costumes are awesome! The beads are great! Keep up the great work!

Barrie said...

Tag, you're it!!! Check out my blog for details!! ( :)

Cute crew you have there, btw!! And AWESOME first beads! :)

Paula said...

LOL family love the family picture. You are doing great with your beads...keep up the good work.