Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been tagged

My dear friend Barrie Edwards tagged me. The purpose of the tagging being to tell you, my precious readers (you are out there aren't you?) seven things you don't know about me. Barrie always seems to come up with fascinating things to say, I will see if I can rise to the challenge.

1. Once upon a time I was employed by a logging company as a landing chaser. I unhooked the chokers (cables that drag the logs up or down the hill) on the landing where the loader operator loaded them on the trucks. Of course all of this took place after I used my hatchet to remove small branches, and larger ones I removed with the chainsaw I toted around all day. Yikes, I was a burly girl. I was also 21 at the time.

2. I was the prep-cook/back-up cook at the world famous Pixie Kitchen during my late teens. I made the salad dressings, angel food cakes, thousands of squares of garlic bread, breaded fish, shrimp, etc., and cut up hundreds of chickens every week. All for a whopping $1.40 an hour. Jeez, I worked for peanuts. Of course it was 1969-70 at the time.

3. My first job was at a 19-cent hamburger stand, which also had bumper cars and go-carts. I eventually moved up to the go-cart track and sold tickets. I was all of 15 at the time.

4. I didn't finish high school, but got my GED before my class graduated. I finished what the tester said would take us two days in a little over two hours with the highest scores she had ever seen. No wonder it didn't really affect me to have no real diploma . . . when you are brilliant it just shines through.

5. I absolutely hate parsnips and rutabagas. I discovered accidentally that I like turnips. I figured if I hated the other two I would hate them too, but surprise I like them pretty well.

6. I grew up with a mom whose mother boiled everything to death, so had eaten very few "odd" things until I grew up. Among those things was anything ethnic (except Irish) except for the odd Chinese food dinner. My mom always insisted on American. I remember one birthday my folks told me I could choose any restaurant I wanted and I chose a Japanese place in downtown Portland. Much to my surprise the Japanese food was only served upstairs and the American downstairs. My dad told my mom if she wasn't adventurous enough to share our Japanese she could eat downstairs alone. She did, and i don't think she spoke to him for several hours afterward. He said it was my birthday and if I wanted Japanese he was going to see that I got it.

7. I was absolutely obsessed with the Beatles as a young girl, and a friend and I could sing all their music in harmony. I still love their music and think it some of the best stuff ever written.

I am going to put out this challenge to a few of you. Tell us what you think we don't know, or you think we need to know about you.


I will be adding two more as time allows.


Paula said...

Oh my this might take a little thinking on my part. I really am one of few words. : ))

Love the story about you working in the restaurant and your family only eating American food. Life does take us on many road trips.

Louise said...

thank you for tagging me Rita! I hope I can come up with all the blogs I need to tag :D

rosebud101 said...

Rita, you've always had a ton of energy,haven't you? Wow!

Barrie said...

Wow! You are amazing!!! I had to laugh at your non-adventurous food family! I grew up in one of those!! I think I was nearly 25 before I'd ever even had a salad! LOL :)