Sunday, November 9, 2008

More beads

Well, last night was my fifth day of melting glass and making beads. I sure am loving this!!! What a fun thing to do with my evenings. I am going to try making some during daylight hours and see if it makes a difference in how things look.

Well, after I finally got all the errands of the day out of the way and got dad off to bed I fired up the new tank of MAPP and made another 8 beads. That seems to be about the limit of me holding my hands up in the air. Only one cracked, and I knew when I made it that was likely. As I was winding on the glass it called out to me, “Make a shell, make a shell.” So I did, but I knew the lip would be thin and probably crack. It did, but oh well, I will superglue it and keep it anyway. It was really fun, even if it didn't end up looking exactly like a shell. I will give it another try probably need to at least get a crockpot or start socking away the bucks for a kiln.

If you want to help me get there faster I will gladly send you my Paypal address and you can contribute to the "Buy Rita a kiln fund." I will not only be eternally grateful, I will send you a heart in your choice of color.

Scroll down to see the beads from days three and four.

Nothing spectacular, but need to document what I am doing so I can look at the improvements over time. I really like the burnt blue bead from night 3, even if it is burnt. Night four I ran out of gas and the torch was too hot to change the tank.


rosebud101 said...

You are really going to town and catching on to all this! Good for you! You go, girl!

Diana Ferreira said...

Oh Rita, that is just amazing. I did not try hearts for absolutely months after I started! It seems as if your already an addict!