Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm back and posting

Well, I know I kind of fell off the radar there, but things happen, and so does depression. I was in a post-Thanksgiving funk there for a bit. My kitchen looked like a bomb went off and no one was helping take care of it. Top that off with little sleep, too many hours at work, and just feeling down and cranky. I am back to normal now. My kitchen is looking better, and my new torching area has been mostly readied. I am going to put the finishing touches on it tonight or first thing tomorrow and fire up the torch attached to a propane BBQ tank. I think it will be much easier on my shoulders and neck when I spend 1-3 hours at a whack on the torch. The silver lumps on the table are my new armrests. Toilet paper rolls wrapped in foil to keep them from flaming if hit with flying hot glass. Here is my new table and set-up, minus the torch, since I just picked up the clamps I needed. I misplaced the big bowl with all my containers of frit in it. It is a lovely old antique bowl, and I wanted to be sure it and the frits and short rods were safe while we rearranged and removed one table and put in a different one. Of course it was safe, I couldn't even find the darned thing. Well, Tess found it this morning when she went to warm some chai tea for dad for breakfast this morning. It was safely ensconced in the microwave. How funny is that!!??


rosebud101 said...

The work area looks great, Rita!

Paula said...

Your lampwork area is looking good problem is it never stays that organized. : )) Enjoy and have fun!!

Pam said...

your work table looks great Rita!