Monday, February 9, 2009

Another week gone, and here I am

Another week of 2009 gone already. Amazing how fast this crazy world spins on its way. I got back on the torch Friday night and made three beads, made three more tonight. Hoping they turn out okay. Friday night I made an organic bead and tried making a swirl in the glass (my first attempt) which kind of worked, I also made a shell, the lip is a bit odd, but more interesting in color due to the Vetrofond Painted Desert glass I used. The final bead I made was a skull, special for my granddaughter Athena. She is a girly-girl and a tomboy. She loves all things skull, and her favorite color is blue or turquoise, hence the color. I wrapped a clear base bead in goldstone stringer and encased that in clear, then I pressed it and shaped it and added its turquoise eyes and bow and little Silvered Ivory Stringer teeth. I had a ton of fun making them, what do you think? Tomorrow I will try to get tonight's batch photoed and posted, too. Until then . . . have fun. If life's not fun . . . you're doing it wrong.


Paula said...

Your beads are really coming along good. Keep up the good work!!

Brenda said...

Hi Rita, please email me, you were winner #136 on my OWOH blog giveaway - you have one a set of Christmas elf shelf sitters. Thanks, Brenda