Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday night, where did my weekend go?

Yesterday while Tess and I were off shopping for both houses my phone rang and it was Lifeline calling to tell me dad had fallen and the ambulance had been called. We had a cart full of stuff and really needed to finish and pay for the things and take them home. So we called Eric and he ran over to be with dad. He found him on the floor with his hand bleeding, and rode with him to the hospital. We ran the groceries home and met them there. By the time we got to the hospital dad had gone to xray and was in fairly good humor. His ribs are bruised, his hand has a horrible tear in the skin (he is 89 and has really fragile skin), his glasses were in pieces (he landed on them), he had a skinned spot on top of his head, and his left knee is skinned a bit too. Kind of like rug burn. Aside from that and being stiff and sore today he came through it pretty well. It scares me so much when he is alone. Not a fun thing at all. He is really weak and has a hard time getting around even when I am here to help him.

I actually did get in a couple of sessions of bead making, the first batch was horrible because I had to torch turned up too high and pretty much smoked them. The second batch is great, but my favorite one cracked right down the middle. I will try it again, though, now I have a handle on how to do that sort of bead. Here they are, I had hoped to have a bit more time and energy for bead making, but the stress of dad falling and the fact we are both getting over a cold kind of prevented that. Dont forget you can click on the photos to make them bigger. Of course the photo at the top is of the smoked batch, so you can probably skip that one.

Paul and Natane brought a turkey over to bake and we all watched the Superbowl game. Except for a side trip for Tess and I to buy a few things at Safeway while the sale was still going on soda. (four 12-packs for $7.99, how can you beat that!!)

The other exciting thing that happened was me getting my SRA number. It means I am officially a Self-Representing Artist in beadmaking!!! Yea!!!


Deronda designs... said...

Yep, still see a rooster. Aren't you having the most fun with the glass?

Deronda designs... said...

And I do hope that your Dad is feeling better after his fall.

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Yep, gradually feeling better, not strong, but then he wasn't to start with. Thanks for caring!!! Hugs!!!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Hope your Dad is doing ok by now. That is a scary thing. Your beads are beautiful!