Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow, another weekend shot to heck!!

I try to spend some time every weekend working on my beads, or making jewelry, or something creative. This weekend was no exception, aside from the fact i had an audience for my first bead. My son was here visiting and got to watch me set up and make my first bead of a two hour session last night. It is a beautiful SW inspired swirly bead. I am so in love with the SW colors right now and how they play together an make interesting things happen. My base bead was ASK Tribal Turquoise, I added Effetre Dark Ivory, some Silvered Ivory Stringer (SIS), a bit of coral stringer, and let them all play together. After I thought they had done their jobs I did some swirls with a clear stringer, and popped that bead in the crock-pot. Then I moved on to Transparent Effetre Amber, rolled in Ocelot Spot frit and rounded up nicely. In fact I liked it so much I did five beads with this combination. I followed that with another trans amber bead, wrapped in silver leaf, dipped it in the ocelot spot frit and wrapped a single strand of clear stringer around it, and rounded it up, then squished it into a rectangular shape. I think I like it. Gosh, I love playing with fire. I hope you like what I have made.

The next session at the torch will have to include some skulls and things to match socks for a sock bead exchange I am in. Then I have to think about what sort of animal I can sculpt with hot glass. I am in an animal exchange, too. Yikes, nothing like pushing myself to grow, huh!!


Paula said...

It's a wonderful feeling when you have a good torch day. : )) You'll be having more of those days your beads are really improving.

Barrie said...

Awesome torch session!!! Hey - you have a new award! Check out my blog for details!! Hugs!

anita said...

good for you rita! its fun to watch how your bead making is progressing...hope you have a good weekend!