Friday, August 1, 2008

Computer woes

Yesterday and the day before were productive as far as making earrings goes, and annoying as far as having or using a computer goes. I have had my computer freezing and rebooting about every hour and 45 minutes for the last couple of months. So Tess and I had tried everything we could think of to remedy that. Nothing worked. Day before yesterday I thought (brilliant woman that I am NOT) I would check out the Microsoft website and see what patches or whatever were available for XP Media Center, which was the operating system I was using. They had an XPMC service pack 3 available, and recommended I install it, so I did. Once it was done I rebooted my computer, and it wouldn't even get to my desktop, or anywhere. So, Eric and I spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone talking about what I wanted to do, and what we could do. He laughed at me for downloading something from Microsoft, and I told him they said it was what I needed to download. Turns out it was a beta test version and really flaky, and after I downloaded it my computer was immediately susceptible to worms, spyware, etc. and it had contracted a worm which was eating my data. Tess and Eric got it opened in safe mode, and got rid of the worm, but the harddrive needed to be reformatted to recover from the original problem (rebooting itself). So to make a long story longer they got my computer running in safe mode, and brought it back to my house so I could delete the stuff we didn't need, and sort down the photos of the girls, etc. Tess took it back home and uploaded all the photos of the girls to her Photobucket account, and then they reformatted the thing and installed XP. Not media center, and I have now lost all my previously installed software, addresses, etc. But things are good between us all now, and Eric is finding out I am not a mean or bad person. He is trying to get a computer consulting business off the ground, and he is very good at tracking down problems and helping people with software issues. Tess had come over to bring back my cell phone (accidentally ended up in her purse last night) and she was trapped here by the momma raccoon and her triplets. Eric came to find out where she was and scared them away so they were able to get back home again. Whew!!! nothing like rambling on like a mad woman!!!

Went grocery shopping for myself and for Tess earlier after delivering some of the earrings I had made earlier this and last weeks. I got home from driving Tess back to her house with her groceries I had picked up for her earlier and found dad back up at the front door letting the cat out. I was so mad and scared I yelled at him (bad daughter). I asked him what the he*&^ he thought he was doing and didn't he remember how and why he fell the last time, and I was only gone for about two minutes and he knew it . . . JEEZ!!!! At least he didn't fall this time.

I am spending the evening making jellyfish legs tonight, and putting together jellyfish. Oh such fun.

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rosebud101 said...

Don't computer problems drive you insane? Yet, what would we do without them? Good luck. I hope your problems are over!