Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday is here, the calendar says it's spring . . where is it?

Just a quick drive by to say I had a fantastic time torching last night. I didn't make much, but what I did is great. Here is a preview of what I made. See if you can identify it:

I'll be back later with the rest of the beads. Suffice it to say this was definitely my favorite. How fun is this!!! I also made a ruffled bead, a purple and turquoise bead and some little ivory spacers (4-on a rod) just to see if I could.

As promised, here are the others. Some little dark ivory spacers, a wavy bead made with copper green and silvered ivory stringer (SIS to glassy folks) over Opal yellow. I heated gravity swirled and crimped it, then reduced it to bring out the metallic shine. Then I made a bead that is nearly 1.25" (31mm) high using a dark ivory base with turquoise and EDP (Evil Devitrifying Purple-I love it!!) and SIS, then squished and dotted and melted and dotted with transparent purple. Isn't it a cool bead. I made the back flat so it would lie nicely when worn. Don't forget if you want to see them bigger, just click on them.


Deb said...

Aubergines on something?
Well that's what it looks like to me ;o)

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Absolutely!!! They are eggplants in a nest. :D I love plays on words in art, so I rose to a challenge Louise had posted about combining an animal, a vegetable and a thing. I just couldn't figure out how to get the Purple Hen in there. :D

Louise said...

Hi Rita, love your new beads, I've added the eggplants in a nest to my blog today ;o)


Paula said...

Rita WOW you are doing GREAT work, it's like it happened over night. Yep, you need a purple hen to go with the eggplants in the nest. : ))

Louise said...

Rita I gave your blog an award :D
the info is here

Hope you have a good Monday!