Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Sure and begorrah, 'tis time for the wearin' of the green. And taking a page from me own grandma's history I thought it would be nice to green up my blog a bit. The peapod me comes courtesy of a fun bead I made a couple of days ago. A peapod. I made it to go with a pair of socks for a Sock and Bead exchange on Wet Canvas. Speaking of Wet Canvas, have you checked out the Etsy shops of my WETsy group? We are offering free shipping and green goodie specials during the month of March in honor of St. Patty himself. Click on the link to the right and visit the shops of the participants. Find the pot of gold in their listings, buy something wonderful and reap the rewards, not to mention seeing some really wonderful hand made goodies.

Here are the beads I made on Sunday. Wow, was it fun. You will see from the wild and crazy things I have been making I am making some serious progress on my glassy skills. The little dotty beads were great practice, and show that my ppp (practice, practice, practice) has finally paid off. The little fish is pretty fun, and a new touch is adding a second color to the tail. The peapod was such fun and frustration to make. Have you ever wondered how people add melty glass to already melty glass, keeping it hot enough to keep from cracking, while building up more layers and not letting the previous one melt? Sound confusing? Well, let me tell ya, it is a lot more than confusing. It is also frustrating, insane, and just darned hard. I don't know what I was thinking even attempting it. But, it was fun, and I am so happy it worked. Next time I am going to remember to get out more than one green before I start and see if I can't make the little cap a different green, and maybe the peas, too. The skulls have become one of my usual things. This time, though, I tried to make a floral bead which was going fairly well for a while, and then went a bit wonky. I remembered my friend and mentor, Maggie, always says if a bead goes bad she makes it into a shell. Well shells are her hallmark and skulls are mine, so the purple skull started life as a floral bead, but I like it even better as a skull. What to you think? The cat was the most fun of all, He had a mind of his own. He said he wanted to be a Gremlin (Mogwai) or Yoda, or at least play a bit on the typical cat-like appearance. I let him have his way, and I am so happy he is mine. A tiny piece of his tail popped off (on the back side) while I was building him and I won't sell him like that. Of course I think he is pretty happy where he is.

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rosebud101 said...

Great beads, Rita, and I love you in the pea pod!