Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Thank God/ goddess (according to your beliefs) it is finally Wednesday. I have hope of making it to the weekend. I heated up the kiln at about 7:30 pm hoping to get dad off to bed at 8 pm and torch right away.
Instead I nodded off, he stayed up until 8:45 and I got him to bed then. So my torching adventure didn't begin until a few minutes after 9 pm. I was feeling a bit tired, but as soon as I fired that baby up the energy came flooding back. I focused on a skull to start with, then moved on to fish and finished up with a cat. The skull is for my OWOH winner, and the cat was just because I wanted to. The fish were, well, practice on what I had tried to learn a couple of days ago. I am still trying to perfect my stringer work, fins, etc. It is so hard to melt in the things you want without melting stuff you don't want melted. Thinking the new torch idea is valid.

I got a call from the Veteran's Hospital in Portland and my cousin is back in the hospital again, with a toe infection again. He is a diabetic and doesn't exactly do what is best for him. I know it must be hard to behave, but it is his life that is at risk. He will be their guest for the next few days, then we have to figure out how to get him and his vehicle back to Lincoln City. He drove himself up there for a "routine" office visit. Not so much.

I hope your week is going well. Mine is moving right along with the addition of new styles of beads, and new glass. Fun is in store for the weekend for sure.


rosebud101 said...

Rita, your beads are getting better and better everyday!

Deronda designs... said...

Love the fishy fins...awesome.

polinka said...

they're all very cute! nice job!

Louise said...

Rita it looks like you were really in the groove! :o)

anita said...

you have great patience, as a caregiver and in melting glass!