Sunday, May 25, 2008

Annual Art Show

Yesterday was interesting. The art show opening was fun, chatting with all my artist buds and of course looking at all the entries and seeing who won what. I got a first and second in Advanced Mixed Media, of course I only entered two pieces and no one else entered in advanced MM, so I won by default. But the judge didn’t award ribbons to anyone he felt didn’t deserve one even if they were in the category alone, so I feel okay about it. The best of show went to a newer guy in our group. I absolutely love his work and we were all excited that he won. His stuff is so amazing and colorful and almost abstract, but not. And his design sense totally rocks!!!

My paintings are called "Leaf Me Alone" and "Aubergine." The photo isn't great, but you will get the idea. The show hangs for two more weeks.

Then I went next door to the Cultural Center to an opening and got to see how the pros paint. $20,000 paintings and tons of very strange (my opinion) collages and such like priced through the roof. They were also having a pet rescue fundraiser which was great, with a big art and craft show on the lawn. A few jewelry booths, only one with anything that really appealed to me and I picked up her card, she sells on Etsy. Nice gal and her partner who make earrings mostly, and nice simple designs. Pretty reasonable prices, didn’t get to ask her where she is from, had to run back to our show.

Then off to gather up Tess from work and take her to a friends house to refresh her computer software and chatted with them for a bit. Then off to Burger King (I know, too many calories, but Tess was buying) and home. Whew!!! Hoping today will be a little calmer, but not expecting it to be so. Have to work tomorrow, too from at least 11 to 4 or 5, depending on how many people stop. Then maybe a barbecue with family which would be so nice.

I am planning to make some serious jewelry this week. At least four pieces, one each day I am off work. Will keep you posted! (hee-hee) I am really hoping for more than that, but will feel good if I get at least four. I want to try some new techniques and play with my soldering torch a bit. Love playing with fire!! I always have done, but haven't worked with silver in that way for a while.

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