Friday, May 16, 2008

Artwork and Sunshine at last!!!

I actually went to an art class yesterday, and I finished a painting and framed two others. I really feel so great about getting some of that done!! I framed an abstract piece, and a whimsical eggplant I had painted last fall. The painting I did yesterday is a birds nest. I actually like it. So I think it is a success. Sometimes, I feel like if I don’t hate it I am doing pretty well. I will try to photograph the birds nest today. I forgot yesterday while I was at the studio and remembered after I got home. Well, a big old D’oh!! for me. After I got the pieces framed I went to visit my dad for a bit and take him some shorts in case he wants to wear them instead of long pants. He has been the type to wear shorts clear up until the first major freeze of the year, and put them on again in March. When I got there he was asleep, and breathing very wheezy. I was a little worried, and when he woke up he was coughing. I think he just doesn’t breathe deep enough, again. They said he had been a little sick. I think it is allergies, he has the same ones I do, I am going to take him some Claritan and see if that helps. I asked if he wanted to go outside since it was so nice. He said, no, maybe later. I said, Dad, it is really nice out there. He said, well, he guessed maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Had to get two orderlies to help him get up and in the wheelchair, so I know he is really weak right now. We went out the front door and headed for the garden area out front. I really love the curly willow tree!! If you click on the picture you can blow it up and see the little blossoms on the tree. I don't remember ever noticing the little blossoms before. I guess it is because they are green!!

It was so beautiful. He sat with his back to the sun next to the fish pond, and we chatted for over an hour. He scooted his chair all around to look at the different vegetation. And we talked about all our family and things going on. We talked about the fact i actually finished a painting. I know he had a good time. He said I was right all along, he really did need to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while we had the chance.

I am off to the art studio again today. I am going to clear out my storage space in the studio, organize my art supplies, and get ready for an enormous art project I am starting next week. It is huge, and I have to paint in public!! Aarrgh!! Scary thing, even just thinking about it scares me. Feel the fear and do it anyway! (a book I once read)

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