Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ready or not, here he comes!!!

Today was an appointment with my dad's social worker. It went really well. NOT!! Dad is at the end of what medicare will cover, still not walking, and is coming home next week due to no other solution available. We will get some CNA-type nursing care a couple days a week, but will probably have to pay out of pocket for it. No money in the bank, so not sure where it will come from. Guess I will have to pull it out of my a&^, like Tess always says.

Athena did a drive by on her bike and picked up the pendant I got her for her birthday and wanted to borrow a chain to wear it on. She wanted to know if it was a real diamond. I told her it was a semi-precious stone called quartz. That satisfied her. She just wanted to make sure it was a real stone, not some plastic or imitation thing. She definitely takes after her grandma!! She said, I really like this string better than the other string, Grandma. I had no clue what she was talking about. It was the sterling silver chain I had put the pendant on for her. She was comparing it to Soft-Flex stringing wire used for bead stringing. What a funny girl. Of course I was eating dinner when she came, and she said she was starving and could she have something to eat. I fixed her what Tess's SO calls a "horseshoe." It is either fries or mashed potatoes topped with a hamburger patty and topped with cheese sauce. You can use melted Velveta, white sauce with cheese, or nacho cheese sauce. We really like the nacho cheese "queso" best. Of course right after Athena got finished eating hers Tess called wondering where she was because her dinner was ready and Cassie wouldn't eat until she got back home. I told Tess she had just eaten a "horseshoe," and Tess said, what the he#$%? She just begged me to fix her some dinner!!! I said not to worry, the horseshoe was made with a tiny hamburger patty I had cooked for the cat, and I think she had about 8 fries. Tess was much relieved, and said, "Oh she had appetizers at your house." I said, "I really hadn't thought about it that way, but yes, I guess she was correct."

Have to get the house ready for dad's wheelchair to get through. Tess took the doors off the bedroom and bathroom to make the doorways roomier, while I put a lifted seat on the toilet. She then got into the wheelchair and tried going into and out of the bathroom and bedroom and said he should be able to do it on his own. Now I just have to get the clutter under control, and make sure he has a clear shot at it. Hope this will work. Not sure it will, but he can't go back to rehab for at least three months, then can stay another three, then back out for three. Unless we can find him an adult foster home in the area. Not much luck on that front, though. They had a few things available but about 60-75 miles away. NOT doing that!!!! Arrgh!!!

Now on a lighter note, here are some photos of rainy day flowers I took yesterday while waiting for Tess.

And then one of Cassie from when we went shopping. She discovered the three-way mirror and was so delighted by seeing herself from so many angles. She wanted me to take a picture of her in her wheelchair so she could see how fun she looked!! Ignore the fat grandma in the background!!! :) Just click on the small photo for a larger view!!!

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