Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day-Thanks Vets-both living and dead!!!

As predicted the number of folks through the shop today was insane. I got there are 11. Thank God I had already eaten something or I might never have. I had tons of printing customers and tons of antique mall folks, too. And, also as predicted, they were spending money.

When I finally got all the customers out ¾ hour later than planned, I was beat and definitely ready to head for home. Also starving, since I hadn't eaten since before I went to work at 11. I got a call from Tess on the way home. She wanted to go out to dinner. So I stopped at her house. Tess went to leave Eric a note, and he was awake, so I just picked Cassie up and took just her out to dinner. Tess still paid, though, and helped me get the wheelchair into my car.

I let Cassie choose the restaurant and she wanted Chinese. I told her to let me know if I was going to the restaurant she wanted, since there are four different Chinese places in town. As I got ready to turn off the highway she said, right one Grandma. It is at the outlet mall here in town. It used to be nearly across the street from where we live, but it moved a while back. They do Chinese, Japanese and Sushi. She ate her first ever shrimp. It is going to be spendy taking her out eat if she really likes seafood. The guy whose family owns the restaurant fell in love with her and comped her dinner. So it was just my food we had to pay for. He also gave her fortune cookies and let her wheel her chair all over the restaurant.

Then of course, since we were at the mall, we had to go in search of a new “princess” dress. She wanted the “pink one,” and they were only $4.99 so we got three, a pink check, a pink floral, and a solid pink with bows. Bad girls. It was really fun, though. She also discovered how fun the three-way mirrors are in her wheelchair. Photos tomorrow!!

It was so cute!! Of course the fat grandma is in the background, oh well, at least the photos of her are great!! I am so tired I told my friend earlier, I wanted a giant Diet Pepsi and a bucket of pain medication. Wish I actually had some!!!

A big salute goes out to our military heroes who have gone to their final reward. Thanks for protecting our country. Proud of it or not, it is the only one we have, and we need to honor those protecting us.

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