Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another week gone too fast

Here it is Wednesday night already. This has been an oddly busy week. Monday was a day of hanging with family. We get together for lunch every Monday. My cousins come here for lunch. They bring their own, and we fix ours, but the time spent together is what we need most. It is especially good for my dad. This week it was Tess, Cassie, my cousins and my dad and I, so the living room was full. Tess made the best French Dip sandwiches I have ever eaten. Yum!!!

I finished a "Robin Atkins" type treasure bracelet. I used the instructions from a WC friend who has her own technique for that type bracelet. It took me about six hours to finish. Here it is, click on the photo to see it larger:

I have tons more beads ready to be made into bracelets, just need the time to actually do it.

Today we took Cassie to the eye doctor, who didn't actually treat children. the receptionist thought she did, so we have to go back to Portland or Salem or somewhere else. Dang it all!!! So as a treat we took her out for lunch. They gave her two paper hats to color. She colored one for me and I colored one for her. Here she is in her "Princess" hat.


Anonymous said...

Cassie is a cutie.
I really love your bracelet you did a great job. VERY PRETTY

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Thanks Paula, that really means something coming from you!!!

Steph said...

The bracelet and the little princess are both gorgeous!

Deronda G said...

Another blog to follow...and such a fun one! Cassie is beautiful and I love the bracelet as well, but yep, the princess is just a sweetie.