Sunday, September 21, 2008

Faces and Butts

My friend Deronda posted a link to a hue test. It was really interesting. I may take it again one of these days when my head is not throbbing. I scored 14. The lower your number the better. Here it is: Hue Test

Life has once again been chaotic. But on the news front. My cousin Nick finally received word on his disability claim with the VA. He is classified as 100% disabled, and 100% service connected. This means all those trips we have made to the VA in both Portland and Vancouver, WA is finally paying off. He is getting a pension which will begin soon, and all his medical expenses are going to be paid 100% as well. Yippee!!! For a while there it felt like we were beating our heads on a wall, with little hope of anything actually changing. Sigh. Celebration to begin once he gets his first check.

Off to take Tess back to the dentist in the morning. Then I am starting on beading some little faces for a "Face Swap." I have to get them sent out by Wednesday. Yikes, I better get busy. I made poly clay faces with a great little mold. I have never done beaded cabachons before, but I think it will be fun. And I will get the art of others in return. I love swaps. I have also made a few ATCs. Artist Trading Cards and am going to exchange some with other artists. I'll keep you posted on how that goes, too.

More soon!!! Dad is about the same. Butt is sore, still loves sweets and baseball. Also funny TV. Oh, and western novels. At 88 that isn't such a bad way to be, is it?!!


Barrie said...

Those faces are amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with them!! Check out my blog, there's an award waiting for you there!! Luv ya!!

Deronda G said...

Oh, I missed this post. Poly clay~thinking I need some faces.