Monday, September 1, 2008

Once again, too long without updating my blog. But then life has been a bit on the busy side. Again.

Last Friday I went in search of some school clothes for Cassie. Even though she only goes to early intervention classes, she still needs to have nice things to wear. here was my basic morning:

Athena and Tess and I went out to breakfast, then took Tess to work. We noticed there was a Trunk Sale at the bead store across from where Tess works, so Athena and I went to check it out. There were a couple of guys from India (at least that is what it sounded like) with tables filled with semi-precious stone bead strands ranging in price from $6 to $450 a strand. I let Athena choose a single strand and I got two. She got round Tourmaline and I got some lovely round opalescent grey stones I can't think of the name of right now (I think Labradorite). Of course while we were there we had to look over what she had added to the bead store, so I bought 10 more mermaids to use in earrings, and Athena had to have a lampwork elephant pendant (I am sure it is from China), but it was cheap enough. She also gave Athena a strand of beads from her $3 bowl since she is now an Etsy seller.

Then I took Athena grocery shopping, picked Eric up a special coffee, fed dad again, and headed out to go school shopping for Cassie.

I went to the outlet mall and ended up having to go to three stores to find what I went for. I think I bought her about 8 tops, a dress, two pairs of OshKosh overalls, one in a pink stripe, a pair of “yoga” pants, a zipped hoodie and a pair of shoes. No one had bought Cassie anything to wear for school, and I think she was feeling left out. So of course I had to give her a little lift and shop for her, too. I got everything color coordinated except for a cute peach color top I got at Old Navy. Everything else was in varied shades of pink to magenta. Now I can't wait to show her what I found.

Today, Tess and I had to go find a black sparkly headband for Athena. She is wearing her new blouse (like momma would wear) which I altered earlier, with sparkly black pants and the new headband. She is all excited and can't wait to parade around in her new clothes. Gotta love the first day of school. Of course Tess's co-worker was in an accident so she has to work tomorrow. I can't believe she has to work. At least she can take Athena to school before work, meet the teacher, get the lay of the land, and go see Cassie's teacher. I still haven't gotten to show Cassie her new clothes, but I did get to show them to Tess. Cassie and Athena have been at their dad's since Friday night.

Dad is doing fine, well, the usual. Not walking much, but moving around well. Sleeping well, eating well, and enjoying watching baseball on TV. I guess there are worse ways to spend your time at 88 years old.

I will be back sooner next time, and try to post some photos.

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what a great grandma...