Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Well, whoopdidoo! Another year gone by in a flash. At least this one sure did. I am not only a year older, but a year smarter, too. I have taught myself how to do all sorts of new things this year, and learned a lot more about self-promotion than I ever wanted to know. I am going to start my taxes tonight, or tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun!! At least they are phenomenally easy this year. I only have one employer, instead of two or three. And so little income it should be a piece of cake, cut and dried kind of deal. Hopefully I will get a big bunch of money back. I could really use it about now.

I want to get prepared to start doing lampwork and torching glass. I really want to be the complete package when it comes to jewelry work. Creative, design, and actually making the components. I want to learn precious metal clay, torching metal, and forming my own glass beads and pendants. My friend says I ought to get a high quality kiln so I can do annealing of my beads, I am thinking I want one big enough to do small fusing projects, too. I guess the best time to start shopping for one is now. I can't afford one yet, but at least I will know what type to get when I can.

More tomorrow, I hope. Dad is off to bed, and I am in for some peace and quiet for the next half hour or so. Then I will have incoming son and family to wish me a happy birthday I am sure. Night for now!!


justvonna said...

Happy Birthday to you!
- It's my sister's birthday too - thanks for reminding me.. :)

M Kite said...

happy birthday!

What a great day for a birthday.