Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday - middle of the road day

Yesterday was fun with Cassie before work. She was so upset when she got up. My daughter said, Mom I am coming over with Cassie, she wouldn’t stop crying until I told her we would go see Grandma. So mommy left her here for about two hours. She wanted to follow me around the house, so I asked her if she wanted her wheelchair. She said okay. Then followed me from room to room and kept saying, oh, oh, I’m stuck. I kept telling her, you can do it Cass. And she finally said, “Oh, I can back up.” (She has some autistic tendencies sometimes and has always hated it when she is rolled backwards. She hates when the car backs up, the stroller, etc. They say autistic kids don’t like going backwards for some reason, they like the forward motion.) We crossed another hurtle. Once she had done it herself she had no problem with it at all.

She came into the bathroom while I was showering. She kept me company and laughed when I put on my bra. She said, “Grandma, you moved your booboos.” She thought I was very entertaining. She also wanted me to follow her up and down the hall. I told her, you can go down and see Great-grandpa while I finish getting dressed. She took off and made it down the hall by herself. It was interesting watching her make course corrections as she went. She used to get frustrated when she ran into things. She did great.

Last night was Kiwanis Trivia night. It was a fund-raiser event. I think it raised over $3,500 for the “back-pack program.” Our community is very poor. The cost of living is extremely high and jobs are mostly in the service industry because of tourism. Most families have at least two people working just to make rent and utilities. Many kids eat breakfast and lunch at school and are lucky to get the meals. The backpack program sends food home with kids to get them through the weekend when they may not have much food at home. The foods are all easy to fix, and don’t have to be refrigerated. It is a wonderful program, and helps many, many kids in our town. My boss is one of the driving forces behind it and a lot of other “helping” programs. She is awesome. I just wish I got to work more hours. I adore her and my co-worker, they are both incredibly strong women. Trivia was really fun. There were six people on our team, since the printing side of our business sponsors our team we are called the “Copy Cats!” We always say we are just there to have a good time. We aren’t in the running for the top teams, but we give it a try anyway. We are usually in the top 10 out of about 30 teams, and we get to eat pizza, hang out together, and just plain have fun.

I just returned from another trip to the bead store. I think I have the stuff I need to make several projects now. My middle granddaughter stopped by and chose the beads for a bracelet of necklace for herself. I told her I had found some "soccer ball" beads, and I wanted her to pick out what went with them. Her choices were very funny. She chose some blue and green natural stone beads, and 8mm green Swarovski crystals. The glitz with the grass I guess. Ought to be interesting. I think I will work on some beading now. More later, or tomorrow with luck.

Smile, it will make people wonder what you've been up to!!!

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