Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Holy cow where did the week go?

Here is a new set of bracelet and earrings I made, I call it "Citrus Dancing."

I used copper, some handmade lampwork beads made by my friend Gwen from Texas, and assorted colors of glass beads. Her beads were the inspiration for the design of the bracelet. The earrings were just a bonus. I made the wires extra long so they would stay in easily. Gotta love those citrus colors. They are so not my colors, but I love them anyway. My colors are purple, fuchsia, and teal.

Well, today started off with a bang, literally. Dad woke me up about 6:20 am, I helped him get dressed, and took him a warm cloth and towel while I brushed his teeth in the bathroom. I heard a loud thump and, “Rita, I need help!” accompanied by some unintelligible swearing sounds.
I ran in there and he had fallen. He thinks he was leaning over to put the towel and washcloth on the stand in his room and fell. He was sitting there on the floor on his butt. At over 250 lbs. there is no way I can get him up, so I called my daughter to tell her what was going on. She reminded me how much trouble we had the last time he fell. She, her
guy and I somehow got him up, but that was before he got this weak and could actually give us a little help. So I looked up the number and called the local ambulance company. The guy on the line asked me who gave me the number. I told him no one. He then wanted to know how I found it, nobody gave out that number. I said it is in the phone book!! He said, “Oh,” in kind of an amazed voice. He told me I had to call 911 instead, because they can’t just come to someone’s house, they had to be dispatched. So I called the 911 operator and she sent them to help us. In the meantime Dad asked me to bring him his razor, so I knew he wasn’t hurt. I asked if he would like some water and he said, sure and could I find him some gum. I gave him water and his morning pills, and we waited about 10 minutes for the ambulance. It took them about 10 minutes to assess him and decide if they could get him up they would have him walk with his walker to the living room and put him on the stretcher there. They hauled him off to the hospital, installed an IV line on the way, just in case, and I followed in the car. He was hooked to all kinds of heart monitors and a blood pressure cuff when I got in there, he said he felt fine, just a little lightheaded. Part of that was how quick they stood him up when the lifted him. He was cat scanned and X-rayed and vampired and blood pressured and pulsed and everything in every test was perfectly normal. The ER doc said to follow up with his regular doc, so we were loaded in the car after 2 hours and sent home. My daughter met us and help me push and pull dad up the ramp into the house. He is sitting in his recliner with a cat in his lap. They were both taking a nap until a few minutes ago when the other cat got startled by someone driving by and bolted. He seems to be fine, just a little shaken from the fall.

Guess my boring day has taken a little detour today. I better pick up that wheelchair sooner than anticipated. I think if he used the wheelchair when he doesn’t feel very strong it would be safer all the way around.

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