Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Night

Today started with me making a couple of pendants after breakfast. I got a couple of necklaces and a bracelet in the mail from a friend in Pennsylvania on Valentine's Day. They were early birthday presents. I can't believe I will be 55 tomorrow. Wow amazing!! In some places that will get you senior citizen admission prices. I guess getting old can have a few perks. I am looking forward to dinner with my dad and my kids and grandkids tomorrow night. It should be a fun night. Thank heaven I have Monday off so I can recuperate. The kids are very sweet, but very busy. And when you put four of them in the same room with a complement of six adults to give them attention they are even busier.

I got another birthday present today, a beautiful pendant from my daughter's boss. And a surprise present which is being the first student of a local lampworker. My daughter has it arranged, and I really want to learn to do it right. I have a basic "beginners" torch, and a few of the basic supplies. I am also going to work on my soldering skills. I used to do silver soldering with a brazing torch about 35 years ago, and want to re-hone my skills with a brazing and soldering set-up. I want my jewerly quality to be top notch. I don't know whether I can earn a living making custom jewelry, but I know the potential is there to, at the very least, supplement my income. Plus I get to do something I really love, and seem to have a talent for. Plus, it is something my daughter and I can do together.

I have to work tomorrow, even though it is my birthday. At least it is a short day, just six hours long. I hope it is busy so it will go by as fast as today did. Tons of customers, but I hope the let a little more of the green stuff go tomorrow.

Dad is doing a bit better, but I want to get him into physical therapy to strengthen his legs if possible. If not, at least get him a little more active. After the fall on Wednesday he is taking it a little easier, but also paying attention to his water intake and the need for a little more activity.

I am hoping for a long day of jewelry making and relaxation somewhere in my future this week. But as usual we shall see what the week brings. As long as it doesn't include any trips to the emergency room it will be okay with me. Later, gator!!

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