Sunday, February 3, 2008

Something about Sunday

Another Sunday morning. Getting ready for work, thinking about my friends who have the opportunity to go to church each week. I didn't always go, but I certainly liked having the option. Haven't been since Easter. The last Sunday I had off, except when I was in too much pain after my broken arm. Maybe someday I'll have the choice again.

Well, I was put in charge of the monthly ASA meeting on Tuesday night. I guess it went okay. We got a lot accomplished. New officers, new committees yet to come, lots to think about.

I finished the painting of my friend's cat, Rocky, I had started last week. I like it, what do you think?? It was such a sweet photo she had taken, and after all I love to paint cats. It just seemed the right thing to do.

Off to work soon. Suppose I better find some clothes and prepare. I fell last night while turning off the heater at work. Fortunately I was sitting down at the time, so I didn't have far to fall. The bad part was the concrete floor, and the fact the chair flipped over and kind of threw me on the floor. Today my shoulder is sore, and so is my back (which popped in at least three places). Today my back is not so bad, but my shoulder hurts as does my neck. NICE!!! NOT!!!


Melanie said...

Your painting looks even better on line! wow.

Sorry you fell!

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Thanks, Melanie, I think it looks great online, too.