Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dad is coming home Thursday!!!!

Well, yesterday was the day of the "visitation." Wasn't sure what the heck that meant, whether they were examining my housekeeping skills, or just making sure it was going to work once dad came home. Turned out to be a lot more of the latter than the former. Whew!!! Just so glad it is over.

So tired I think I will pass out before Athena. She is spending the night at grandma’s since grandpa is coming home on Thursday and she can sleep in his bed one more time before then. The “inspection” thing went very well, aside from the fact the rehab people obviously don’t talk to each other. I hustled around to get the last things done for ease of movement through the house. Athena and Tess helped me with the last minute stuff. Athena had overslept and really didn’t want to go to school anyway, so she came with Tess and Cassie went to school. At about 10 after 10 dad called and asked what was going on. I said I thought he was coming to visit. He said he thought so too, and where the heck was I. At the meeting last week they said, "We will bring him down about 10," and proceeded to ask him if he could direct them. He said of course. So naturally I assumed they were bringing him. Of course what they neglected to mention was they never transport anyone. The PT gal who came said the social worker folks probably just don’t know that. I thought what a bunch of boobs, obviously they communicate really well with each other. She was amazed we already had so many accommodations in place to assist him, and the only suggestions she had were installing a grab bar in the shower / toilet area and getting a transfer seat in the shower. We had a regular shower bench. I had no idea what they would be looking at or what they were looking for. Come to find out she just wanted to know if we were equipt to take care of him 24 hours a day. She wouldn’t approve him to be at home without knowing he had someone here 24 / 7. Later I stopped at the Elks and donated the shower bench we had. Fortunately they had a transfer bench which is really nice, and let us have that one. So he is coming home Thursday around 11:30 am. Tess had to go pick him up and will bring him home. He can easily get in and out of her car. The physical therapist says he may move around better in his own home, and if we work on the standing thing a bit he may pick up some of his lost skills. Or he may not, but his attitude will be better any way. Athena and Tess made pizza for both households last night while I videoed them with my digital camera. It was very funny and Athena wouldn’t stop watching it. I hope to have the new beading area all set up today. I will try to take a picture to post. It isn’t great, but it is sure better than working on a footstool in the living room. Athena and I worked on using the bead spinner and seed beads before bed. I think I am going to try putting a few bigger beads in it and see what happens. Turned out the seed beads wouldn't fit over the eye of the bead spinner's needle. Good thing we weren't counting on it to help us right away.

Tess and I stopped at a friends house Sunday night and her dog was very amusing. The dogs name is Peaches. She is really hyper and very sweet. If you don't mind a dog who runs around like crazy and jumps on and off your lap faster than lightning. Actually I thought it was pretty fun. I really needed a doggy fix. It was just what the "doctor" ordered after the stress of the past few days.

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