Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cats are definitely crazy

I was trying valiantly to take Koala's picture this morning after she had, once again, foiled my cat prevention measures at the front door. I figured since she was in the house I might as well take advantage of the situation and show you how pretty she is, too. Baby, meanwhile, had been nibbling on catnip and decided he didn't like the idea of my taking "her" picture.
He is the self-appointed king of everything and has suddenly decided "he" is the one to be photographed. I suppose what cracked me up the most was the lengths he went to prevent my taking her photo. He kept walking in front of the camera, and when that failed he would butt it with his head to move it away from her.

Little did he know she is difficult to get a decent picture of anyway. If the lighting isn't right she is so dark it is hard to see any details, and she won't hold still for more than about two second intervals.

I finally had to follow her to the bathroom to get a decent photo. She loves to go in there anyway because she is obsessed with drinking from the bathroom sink.

She has a perfectly good cat fountain beside it, but that is obviously "different" water. I don't know what flavor the faucet has that is so much better, but she certainly likes it better. Here is the lovely Koala in all her glory. I called this shot "Princess Koala." She has assumed the position of cat in power. It didn't last long, but she was satisfied for a moment.

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I used to have a cat that did that!

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