Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wow, I think I am nearly well!!!

I haven't coughed in several hours. Wow, that is something to celebrate. I actually have a little energy, and feel a whole lot better. Yippee!!! I think I have turned the corner to wellness!! Now if I could just get dad to follow along. He was feeling better than I was, the kind of relapsed a bit, but seems a lot better today. And neither one of us woke the other up coughing in the night.

I am attempting to layout a bunch of different earrings, and pre-wire all the components once I get that done, then see just how long it will take to assemble them when I figure out all the design elements. I wish Tess would come help with the design part. That is her strong suit and I know there are certain elements she would like to see in them. I figure if I can pre-make the various components then she can tell me which ones she wants together. I will probably just put a few together to "test" them and see what she thinks, and try to get a bunch more ready to combine.

Dad is falling asleep sitting in his wheelchair, I will have to wake him up pretty soon so he doesn't fall out. (hee-hee) He looks so cute.

Tess and Eric went to get his driver's license renewed yesterday and found out he had to have his birth certificate for that. If any of you know of an easy way to cut through all the red-tape of sealed adoptions, please let me know. He has been trying for several years to get a copy of his birth certificate. Unfortunately he was adopted in Louisiana. He knows the adoption agency name and location, but they won't talk to him about his adoption without him actually being there in person. What is a guy to do?? He previously had an Oregon Driver's License, but even the DMV has no record of his birth certificate. If anyone has any ideas on what we can do to expedite this, please let me know. It's not like we can just take a little drive over to Louisiana to solve all this. I would have thought the vital records dept. for Louisiana would have the info, but from what we can tell their records don't reflect the adoption, or since the names are different it is all screwed up. Have to feel for the poor guy. It is really tough to apply for jobs without being able to identify yourself. I know the new law was put into effect to prevent illegal aliens from getting identification, but what about the people who live here??? Little did we know if he had gone before July 1 he would have been able to get it with no problem, the new law just went into effect!! Jeez, I guess everything is about timing!!

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