Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doernbecher Days . . . er, Nights

Well, Cassie fell off her couch last night and hit the back of her head on the floor. That just happens to coincide with where her shunt is placed. Not a good thing. She was lethargic and slept most of the day today. She wouldn't eat and when Tess left work early to go check things out, she said, "That's it, we are taking her to Doernbecher." So off we went. Well, Tess had been trying to call Brian, her ex-hubby, Cassie's dad for a while, and finally got him about the time we were at the north end of town ready to depart. Cassie had thrown up on herself, and immediately said, I'm hungry. I want hamburger. I want fries. I want milk. So we stopped at McDonald's. That is where we finally got hold of Brian. He said, just go I will meet you in Portland. I said, it isn't that I don't want to be there. But it's silly for us both to drive to Portland when we have no idea what is going on. And I have to go to Portland tomorrow to the Veteran's Hospital with my cousin Nick anyway. And it is right next to the Children's hospital.

So, Cassie and Tess are in Brian's car and hopefully already at the hospital. Athena is here for the night, since I have to leave early and she is going to help look out for Grandpa tomorrow. I will update this tomorrow night if not before to keep you up to date. Her temp is 102 and her spinal closure and shunt areas are red and slightly swollen. Tess thinks it is from that, but it could always be another kidney infection. She hasn't had one for nearly two years.

Good night for now. Think good thoughts for the babe. She needs our prayers and affirmations now.

UPDATE: Just got a call from Tess at the hospital. She said Cassie has a low-level bladder infection, but shunt stuff all looks okay at this point. They are keeping her overnight and will do more tests tomorrow. They said she has some hardened poop inside they are working on removing with enemas. In spite of her having chronic diarrhea. Bizarre, huh?! Poor baby girl. Will be up there tomorrow. I will post an update tomorrow when I get back. Probably after 7 pm.

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