Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Charms and Charming Baby

Today was intended to be a day of actually starting to pre-assemble earring components. Somehow it turned into a day of housework, charm hunting and naps.

I am including a photo of my beautiful boy, Baby. This is his attempt as hypnosis. isn't he a pretty boy? (click to enlarge photo)

Having changed the sheets on my bed first thing this morning, and getting dad up and fed to start the day I began doing laundry. Oh boy. Then tackled the pile of dishes that always accumulates on days I work. I can't seem to find the energy to do them on days I have already put so much effort and energy into. I had to figure out what to make for three meals today, which is a shock to my system after the weekend where we pretty much have leftovers and take-out. Then I had planned to work on earrings. That suddenly changed when Tess called and we went to the local Joann's Fabrics and Crafts in search of fringe for a new sarong for Athena. Tess found a really beautiful one at the bead store south of us last time we were there. Beautiful batik fabric and a generous cut so she had options of how to wear it. She said Cassie has commandeered it quite frequently and Athena really wanted one, too. She took Athena to Joann's a couple days ago, but couldn't figure out what to do for fringe. Hence the trip back there today. We found exactly what Athena wanted . . . rainbow fringe. While we were talking about Cassie stealing Tess's sarong she decided the way to remedy that would be to make one for Cassie, too. So she also bought fabric for that. Of course what she really meant was for me to make them both sarongs, since Tess can't sew in any way shape or form. While we were there I also found head pins and earring stoppers at great prices and the head pins were on sale at 30% off. The stoppers were a package of 300 for $3.99, and at the bead store they are $3 for 100. You do the math, but I think I saved a bunch of money. We also stopped at the bead store in the middle of town since I had a $10 off coupon I had earned with previous purchases. So I spent a total of $4 out of pocket for a bunch more charms for the earrings.
I am ready to start fresh tomorrow, and grateful for the day off today, and especially grateful for the 2-hour nap. I really needed it badly.

Here is another photo of my wonderful kitty Baby, I call it "puddle of cat." He is sleeping in dad's wheelchair.

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