Sunday, June 22, 2008

All's well that ends well

At least that is what I was always led to believe. I am going to accept it at face value and move on from here. I put together a great swiss steak dinner in the crockpot before I left for work this morning. When I went to work, I still had the scent of onions and browning meat in my head. It was a good incentive to get through the day. :) Not such a bad thing. And wowza was it delicious. And even better there are leftovers for tomorrow!!!

I had an interesting day, with lots of printing customers and work, and a few antique shop folks, too. I created a new "drink" menu for the Thai restaurant across the street from the shop, and made a couple of custom T-shirts for folks who came in. I did some laminating, and created a new form for us to use when people come in to place a specialty shirt order. I really enjoyed the day, mostly because I was so busy I didn't have any choice. One of my favorite families came in. They brought their teenage son in a month or so ago and bought him an electric guitar. He came in today and looked at the accoustic guitars. They left, and I thought that was the end of that story, but they came back a couple of hours later and bought him the guitar. I also finished pricing some earrings my boss bought from one of our locals who brings stuff in to sell to her. I know the family and they never seem to have money for much beyond living expenses and with the cost of gas now, little else. The lady has lupus, and is always needing medicine, or gas for her car, and hoping to find a way to get a few bucks. She has brought in stuff of her own, her mom's, and things she buys at garage sales. Sometimes she has great stuff, other times I can't even offer to buy it. This was one of the good times. There must have been at least a dozen pairs of earrings, a couple of clocks, a pocket watch, and some other stuff including some vintage textiles. All together it made it worth buying.

My other primary duty of the day was just meeting and greeting customers shopping in the antique mall. I had one customer who was obviously transgender. I have no problem with people's sexuality or identity, but I always worry I will somehow offend them by referring to them as male or female depending on how they are dressed. I tried to be tactful and just say I had a customer when talking to one of the vendors on the phone when I had to ask about a layaway. I must have pulled it off because Rachel (although obviously formerly Ralph) was very pleased with the results of the call, and smiling happily thanking me for helping her.

I hope tomorrow will be a restful day because I know Tuesday will be a day of driving my cousin to Vancouver, WA again. I am hoping my granddaughter Athena might like to go with me so I will have company on the way back home. I have to leave Nick there because he has appts. four days in a row!! Wow, it's a good thing they are putting him up in a motel. There is no way we could afford the gas to drive three hours one way four days in a row. Even with the mileage reimbursement there is the expense of meals out, and the hassle of making sure you have the time off from work. Of course I would also like to have money to stop at Michael's Craft store and pick up some more shrink art materials, and maybe do a drive by on at least one of the bead stores I like. :D Imagine that!!!

Well, all you other WC addicts out there, how are things. I miss you all so much!!! Can't believe we have been out of touch since Friday morning. I had just gotten ready to post in the WIA in wearable arts when I tried to refresh to make sure I hadn't cross-posted with Dawn, and bang . . . the site was down. I need my WetCanvas fix!!!! I sure hope it is back tomorrow!! I feel naked and lost without it! Eew, that makes a horrible picture!! I did find a website to turn myself into a South Park character. Don't I look adorable!?!


Pam said...

Hey Auntie Rita! LOL, this is crazy, missing you and all the WC gals. Don't know when it will be back. You can find some of them over at LE you know - go pop in and get a fix! Hope you have a good day and rest up for tomorrow. Make sure you bring a good book. Hugs, Pam

Angela said...

Hey Rita! Good to see you here! Wish WC would get back up and running. Love the South Park "you!"
Don't forget, I still need mat color numbers!
Take care, Angela

andee said...

Hi Rita - purple eyeshadow, hm? ;o) Missing you all, too. Hope it won't take that long anymore... *sigh*

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Would have loved to join you for that crock pot dinner. I always enjoy reading you!! Nancy

Maggie said...

Hi Rita, Love the South Park picture even though I have never seen the show. Has it really been since Friday!

Pam is right, some of us glass newbie thread peeps have a covert thread going at LE. Pop in and say hello. There is also a nice jewelry area there.