Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still coughing, but outlook better

Well, another night of coughing coming from dad. He is finally starting to "break up." Or at least the chest congestion is. Even he said he is feeling better, so I am feeling much more optimistic, too.

Still having withdrawals from Wet Canvas. Can't believe it is going to take them until Monday OR LONGER to migrate to the new server. I guess they found some corrupted files in the old database, so who knows what fixing that will entail. I just know I want my wearable arts forum back. I miss my friends: Barrie, Pam, Maggie, Gwen, Andee, Claire, Fiona, Angela, Dawn, Liz, Carrie, Lisa, Debbie and the rest!! I miss seeing your awesome jewelry, but more than that I miss the daily connection with you all.

Lonely Rita in Oregon waving goodbye for today.

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