Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coughing fool

If the coughing doesn't end soon, I think I will go nuts. My night last night was interrupted by at least an hour of wakefulness due to the cat jumping in the middle of my stomach around 3 am. He wanted to go outside and decided his usual annoying MEOW!!!! wasn't really quite bad enough. He added middle of the night acrobatics to his usual repertoire. Needless to say after being a trampoline I was seriously awake. So of course once I got up and put him out I was subjected to several coughing fits which added even more to my wakefulness. I am not sure exactly how long I laid there wide awake, but it was a really long time. I am taking a conservative guess at 45 minutes. I was nearly at the point of going to get my book and reading, but figured I would never get to sleep if I did. Eventually I could feel myself relaxing and knew I would fall asleep. I slept until about 8:15 am and then had to kind of hurry to get ready to go to work, after getting dad up and readying him for the day.

The shop was busy today, and my friends from Salem were in to refresh their booth and decorate the front window with a new display. They always bring a gift for Cassie, this time a vintage coffee pot, due to her obsession with making coffee. Every bath she takes she makes coffee. I asked her once if she could make anything else to which she responded, after a lot of thought, Pizza. She has been obsessed with a watering can I have in my car. It is a gift from my friends from Salem for my friend Judy, who has her entire guest bathroom decorated with watering can things. Cassie wanted to know what it was, and I told her it was a watering can for my friend Judy. Cassie said, "Cassie like a water garden, Grandma." "Judy no need watering can." I said, but Cassie, this watering can is for Judy. Cass said, "I like a water." I said, "But you don't have a garden, Cassie." But she said, "I like a water, Grandma, no water for Judy." However the last time she got in the car she told Athena, "See Thena, this watering can, this can for Judy. Judy no like a water. Cassie like a water, Thena." I told Tess I might have to take Cassie with me to give Judy the watering can. I think Cassie will understand when she actually sees Judy.

One more day at work, then off to the doctor we go. Dad is nearly over his cough, and I am still coughing like mad. I am just hoping he is that far ahead of me in recovery and I will be better in a couple of days. I am tired from all the coughing, and really getting kind of sore in the ribs. Stupid cough!!!

Hoping for more news on the Tess front. She says it will come to a head by Tuesday at the latest. Either that or someone will go away for a very long time. Wait and see.

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Barrie said...

Hey!!! Get better, will ya?!? I'm worried about you, you've had this cough a long time. I'm very glad your dad is getting better though. Cassie sounds adorable!! :)