Wednesday, June 18, 2008

VA, Teeth, Kids and more . . .

While I was off taking my cousin Nick to the VA, his brother Marty was taking Tess to the dentist. She finally had her tooth pulled, and is scheduled for another set of x-rays and another extraction in about a month. The dentist who was so mean to her last time was very kind and gentle and finally realized she wasn't a druggie, just someone who had bad teeth and little dental care for a long time. I think he also realizes she is trying to prevent the same problems in her girls. All in all yesterday was a very productive day, however with Tess being medicated for her dental appt. she wasn't very able to look after dad or even the girls, so Athena brought Cassie to visit dad and really wore him out. She even left Cassie with him and ran home to ask her mom how to make Cassie stop crying. Jeez, kids. Dad said he could go at least 3-4 days without seeing either of them. He was really tired by the time I got home. He had spent the entire day in his recliner and his butt hurt. So today he is starting out with a couple of hours in his wheelchair, after having walked to the living room. I will have him up several times today to keep from having his rear end get worse. I think his coughing is better today. I got him and expectorant and cough suppressant and he slept better and so did I. Of course I think we were both exhausted. His cough sounds like it is finally breaking up, too. So we may be better by the end of the week. (hoping)

Dad’s occupational therapist just called and is making a visit today at 1, so at least I have time to prepare for that. Not only did Athena bring Cassie over here to play, but they left the house looking like a bomb had gone off. I always tell Athena she has to clean up before she goes home, but she only remembers it if I am there to remind her. When I got home last night it must have been at least 85 in here and there was stuff everywhere. I could barely get through the front door. Dad had barely had dinner, and was just finishing it . . . At 7:30 pm. Athena had told Tess she would feed grandpa, but really didn’t. Then when she finally took Cassie home, after trashing the house and wearing grandpa out, she told her mom she hadn’t fed grandpa. So Tess, totally out of it on medication, stumbled to our house and gave him a sandwich and something to drink and stumbled back home. I came in about ½ hour later. He was exhausted, and doesn’t remember to get up and move around if I am not here to remind him. So he was really sore from spending the entire day in his recliner. I was tired and cranky from traveling most of the day, and then the trashed house and 85 degree temperature was enough to push me right over the edge. Tess called about 2 minutes after I got home and wanted me to get her some antacids, and I guess I was a little cranky. I told her I would go get them, but I had just come in to a 1000 degree trashed house and crabby dad from no food and three hours of the girls, and I was not happy. She said, jeez mom, you don’t have to go to the store, I thought I would catch you before you got home. I said, no, I would go, but needed to get the windows open, the floor cleared so I could actually walk, and make sure grandpa was okay. She kept saying no, I told her I was just cranky because I was so tired and it was so freaking hot in here, and why didn’t someone open the danged windows???? So I ended up taking her to the store so she could pick out her own antacids and something she thought she might be able to eat. She settled on creamed corn, cup-o-noodles, and some soy milk. She couldn’t have her usual cereal or chocolate milk, so had to get soy. Her stomach is touching when she is medicated, but she also hadn’t eaten. The dentist said no dairy, which is her primary food group, and no food that would be stuck in her “socket” or irritate her mouth. Haven’t heard from her yet today, but expect to in an hour or two.

Hope to post more soon!!!

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Thanks for your nice words, Rita. And I will be checking out Wet Canvas once it is up and running again. Keep eating/drinking that chicken soup!! Nancy