Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dad's 88th BD

Well Monday was dad's birthday. Big 88 today. I wasn't sure how it would go, or if anyone would remember but me. He had already receive cards from some nephews from New York, he is the last survivor of his siblings. I guess being the baby does have some advantages. My daughter stopped by on her way to work and told me to stay inside for at least a couple of hours. She had to use the rails to get to the front porch of our house, having stepped from her deck to her yard without touching her front steps. She said, "Mom it is a sheet of ice out there." It wasn't really a surprise to me since I had looked out the window earlier and seen my car encased in ice. Dad had her take salt out and sprinkle on the ice 10 minutes before she left. It was a good thing since it had started to melt by the time she headed for her car.

I made a run up to pick up my meager paycheck and popped in to help her pick out our gift for my dad. We got him a beautiful crystal eagle carving on a lighted base. He has always loved glass and he has a real affinity for eagles. I think it is our native blood which ties us to the magnificent birds. I found the funniest card for him. It showed a woman, probably in her 70s, with a large flower pot and big flowers, in her birthday suit. It said she caused quite a stir at her garden club luncheon, and it hoped he would enjoy his, too. I was laughing out loud in the midst of the card racks, so I thought he would enjoy it.

I picked us up some yummy lunch and after we had eaten, I made a bead store run to pick up supplies for an upcoming exchange on Wet Canvas - wearable art. It is a Valentine's Day heart exchange so I needed to get some heart shaped beads. I wish I was a lampworker, then I would make them, but I found some interesting ones anyway, and some cool stuff for the purple show and tell. Actually I have a beautiful focal dichro fused pendant which will be the centerpiece of my purple entry.

When I returned from bead heaven I stopped by my daughter's house and picked up my adorable youngest grandgirl and brought her to my house for the afternoon. She is such a doll. She will be four in May. I thought we would have fun here today instead of having a fun time at her house. She loves coming here and helping Grandma with her beads. The first thing she wanted was some jewelry. She loves to wear layers of necklaces and bracelets. I gave her some little cups of beads, a big metal lid to put things in, and a cute pink purse. She played very well on her own for a long time. Eventually my son called to find out what we were doing for dad's BD. I told him nothing formal, but they should stop by since my daughter would be coming to pick his niece up later. He and his soon to be wife and her boys, age 3 and 5, came to wish grandpa a happy BD, and when my daughter and her soon to be hubby came in with a birthday cake. We sang and ate german chocolate cake. The kids were in heaven. I know my older granddaughters will be upset because they weren't here. Oh well, ya snooze ya lose.

All in all I think dad had a nice birthday. Gotta go. Obviously I slept through this posting last night. So I popped in early to put it up now.

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