Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday, Monday, Jan. 14

Another Monday over with. Not that it is really like a Monday to me, more like a Saturday or even a Sunday. I got a lot accomplished today, maybe not the stuff I was supposed to, but a lot of stuff done anyway. Took my daughter to the store to pick up a few items for both houses. She is now ill with whatever URI it was my granddaughter had last week. Poor thing can't talk out loud without it hurting badly, so it was like talking to myself in the grocers.

Came home and fixed my mom's old-fashioned macaroni and cheese. Used this fabulous Vermont Seriously Sharp cheddar which my cousin sent us for Christmas. Wow, it was great!! I told dad we had better eat the rest of it before it had a chance to go moldy on us. I hate when theat happens. Dad even had seconds, a rare occurence for him.

Finished some heart charms, purse or cell phone charms and a purple project. I think I may still need to rewire one of the purple Swars. Dang it all, anyway.

Off to bed, tomorrow is another day.

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